Applied Improvisation Training

Taking Improvisation off the stage and into life

Now taught on MBA programmes at Duke, MIT, Stanford and UCLA, improvisation is a highly effective and enjoyable way for individuals and teams to examine and change behaviours and workplace dynamics in an inclusive, energetic environment.

From organisational change management to team communication, idea creation processes to problem solving, improvisation creates high performing teams who model agility and flexibility. With almost a decade of experience creating high performing teams, the Nursery can help with all of your business training needs, from a one-off team building workshop to intensive creativity training and long term change management tools and support. Contact us for an accessible and effective method of workplace communication training.

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Benefits of Improvisation


Social anxiety can be a serious problem in situations from giving presentations to networking. Improvisation can help you feel confident about your ideas and stand out in a crowd. It will make you feel stronger in yourself and help other people to trust you more.


Nothing is more intimidating than a blank sheet of paper, real or metaphorical. Where do you start? How do you create ideas? And what about the fear that you ideas won’t work? Improvisation helps you defeat the inner critic and create ideas easily, both alone and in a team environment.


Ever wondered why some people fade into the background and some people seem to effortlessly hold the room and everybody’s attention? The ability to be present and engaged with whatever you are doing is a core skill of improvisation. Contrary to common conception, charisma can be taught.


In a world where information overload is a way of life and you find yourself scrabbling for down time, learning to respond to new challenges without panicking is essential. Improvisation helps you to understand and train your stress reactions so that you can remain calm and make the best decision.

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