Applied Improvisation Training

Taking Improvisation off the stage and into life!

Apart from in performance, principles of improvisation and the skills we learn to make it work are incredibly useful in all kinds of contexts. This is one of the wonderful things about improvisation and why we at The Nursery are so passionate about it. Not only is it a  fun, brilliant and unique way to perform, it’s also applicable in so many other ways – like in your real life and work life. Have a look at some of the benefits of improvisation and classes description below, or contact us to design a bespoke class for your organisation.

Applied Improvisation Classes

Personal Benefits of Improvisation

Confidence – Ever found yourself super nervous about giving a presentation? How about chatting at a conference or meeting a client? Social anxiety can be a very real problem for pretty much all of us in certain circumstances. Well not anymore. Improvisation can help you feel confident about your ideas and stand out in a crowd. Plus it can make you feel stronger in yourself and help other people to trust you more. Sounds good, right? It’s true!

Creativity – Nothing is more intimidating than a blank sheet of paper, real or metaphorical. Where do you start? How do you create ideas? And what about the fear that you ideas won’t work? Improvisation can help you defeat that naughty inner critic and create ideas easily, both alone and in a team environment.

Charisma – Ever wondered why some people fade into the background and some people seem to effortlessly hold the room and everybody’s attention? The ability to be present and engaged with whatever you are doing is a core skill of improvisation. Contrary to common conception, charisma can be taught. And it’s easy!

Calm – In a world where information overload is a way of life and you find yourself scrabbling for down time, learning to respond to new challenges without panicking is essential. Improvisation helps you to look at, then train your stress reactions so that the next time you are under pressure, you can remain calm and make the best decision.

Class size and length

Each class is taught by two of our trainers. This allows maximum attention to individual needs and personalities.

We recommend a full day’s training for each topic as this allows us to look at and get used to improv principles. As well as having loads of time for everyone to get up and give everything a go. If you need a training of a different length, or you want to focus on particular topics from a workshop, feel free email us at for availability and prices.

Follow up sessions

Practice makes perfect. Reminder sessions can be very valuable when it comes to the processing of what we teach. For that reason we offer follow up sessions with our trainers as an optional extra. These allow us to revisit some of the exercises and set some goals.

Plus it allows you to really get to grips with all the stuff we’ve learned. We recommend three sessions of an hour, at two-week intervals. But if you can’t fit that in, don’t worry. We can be flexible to suit your needs.

Drop us an email on or call 02078460062 to discuss your needs. 

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