Applied Improvisation Standard Classes

The Nursery can deliver improvisation training with a wide range of focuses. Some of our standard sessions are below. Or if you have specific needs, please get in touch through the form at the bottom of this page and we will provide a bespoke course profile for your team or event.

  • Keynote: Living without a script

    Ideal as a talking point or as part of a larger conference, the Nursery’s signature keynote address gives an introduction to improvisation, why it matters and why everybody should be doing it. This event introduces the key attitudes and skills of improvisation in a funny, provocative way and gives immediate opportunities to try them and real life applications and learnings to take away. Popular in leadership training, this keynote is guaranteed to get the conversation flowing.

  • Workshop: Communication and Team Dynamics

    Everybody has an opinion and everybody’s right. So the challenge of running a team is make sure that energy is used as productively as possible and that creative, passionate people feel heard and valued. In this course, Nursery trainers will demonstrate how the core improv principles of accept and build help teams to be fast, efficient and positive environments. We will show how to build teams not by going paintballing together, but by understanding and appreciating our differences and individuality and being open to and building on input from all members.

  • Workshop: Idea generation and Creative Process

    Many of us see creativity as something other, separate, maybe just a little bit magical. Creativity is something that other people do. We at the Nursery do not believe that at all. We believe creativity is a human universal and is useful in all areas of life. The Nursery’s Idea Generation and Creative Process course breaks creativity down into four keys skills, models how to use them and shows how they can be built like muscles and then selected like tools for the job.

  • Workshop: Presentation skills and Charisma

    The saying goes that at a funeral, most people would prefer to be in the box than giving the eulogy, and while this may be a little bit of an exaggeration, it is certainly true that many people are terrified of public speaking. This session gives an introduction to the psychology of nerves and explains how we can rebrand them as excitement, channel the energy and become confident, charismatic and engaging onstage, whatever the event. The Nursery Presentations Skills and Charisma course breaks these skills down into manageable, learnable skills and empowers your team to communicate powerfully when the pressure is on.

Workshop: Change Management and Working under Pressure

The modern business environment changes at a rate impossible even to imagine a few years ago. The responsibilities of our roles and structures of our companies change constantly and only those who can adapt survive. In this environment, it is essential that we use change approach the unknown not with fear and defensiveness, but with with excitement and curiosity. By doing so, we become not just resilient, but what Nassim Nicholas Taleb calls ‘antifragile’, gaining power and energy from new information and stimuli. In this course, Nursery tutors will help participants to embraces novelty and be nourished by challenge finding resources of resilience and innovation they never knew they had.


Want to book one of the events above? Or challenge us to design a bespoke session. Get in touch with us via the form below.