Applied Improvisation Training

Improvisation skills helps your staff to be flexible, positive and connected, whatever the context. They allow your staff to understand their behaviours and experiment with them, modelling cooperation and connection in a safe, supportive environment, unlocking value in your workforce and building resilient, engaged teams. Improvisation training creates a dynamic, positive environment in which skills training is active and experiential. Although the sessions are fun and light, they contain deep learning and application of the skills can lead to significant beneficial behaviour and attitude change. Exercises are designed to be open, but provocative, allowing participants to challenge themselves and each other to the level of their own comfort.

The Nursery has almost a decade of Corporate improvisation experience in almost twenty countries and boasts some of the most experienced, in-demand and creative corporate trainers in Europe. We have worked for organisations from Google and Facebook to King’s College London, American Express and Argos.

Benefits of Improvisation


Social anxiety can be a serious problem in situations from giving presentations to networking. Improvisation can help you feel confident about your ideas and stand out in a crowd. It will make you feel stronger in yourself and help other people to trust you more.


Nothing is more intimidating than a blank sheet of paper, real or metaphorical. Where do you start? How do you create ideas? And what about the fear that you ideas won’t work? Improvisation helps you defeat the inner critic and create ideas easily, both alone and in a team environment.


Ever wondered why some people fade into the background and some people seem to effortlessly hold the room and everybody’s attention? The ability to be present and engaged with whatever you are doing is a core skill of improvisation. Contrary to common conception, charisma can be taught.


In a world where information overload is a way of life and you find yourself scrabbling for down time, learning to respond to new challenges without panicking is essential. Improvisation helps you to understand and train your stress reactions so that you can remain calm and make the best decision.

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and Iteration

  • An Introduction to Cziksentmihali’s four elements of creativity
  • Starting from abundance and removing fear of failure
  • Building ideas quickly and efficiently

In what xxx calls the ‘Information Supernova’, Creativity is not reserved for the R&D team and the artist. Jobs, roles and businesses change too fast to ever fall back on ‘business as usual’. But what does creativity mean, and are some people just blessed with more of it? In this session, Nursery trainers break down down creativity into smaller skills and attitudes and help participants to identify where their strengths and challenges lie within it. The Nursery’s creativity session removes the myths of creativity, shows it to be learnable set of skills and empowers people who may not see themselves as creative to be bold and open in their ideation process, not separating creativity, but folding it into their everyday lives.

as a Team

  • Listening and adding to what other members of your team bring
  • Disrupting expected relationships
  • Appreciating difference and diversity
XX described humans as 90% chimp and 10% bee, able to achieve amazing things through cooperation, but not automatically, and not always easily. In this session, participants learn how to create an atmosphere that makes best use of all of the participants in the conversation to allow easy, fluid discussions that remain focused on the task and productively avoid conflict. Rather than talking about listening, participants will practice active, connected listening and see how only by surrendering ego can the individual cooperate usefully.

Agility Under

  • Noticing and interrupting unhelpful stress behaviours
  • Understanding how to help and support others in stressful situations
  • Performing more flexibly and responsively when the pressure is on
  • Instill a delight and curiosity in the new and the unexpected

Some people seem to thrive under pressure, effortlessly responding to the toughest question or the most intelligent objection. But for most of us, responding to the unexpected can be stressful and difficult. It can reduce our ability both to absorb information and to respond usefully and intelligently. In this workshop, you will learn to understand and control the effects of stress and pressure on the mind, re-branding stress as stimulation. Through improvisation, you will notice how and when stress affects you and begin to control what it does to your interactions with clients and colleagues.

Charisma, Storytelling
and Presentations skills

  • An introduction to the biology of stress and fear and how we can counteract it
  • Experience of artificially  environments
  • How to connect with an audience
  • An understanding of your speaker persona and how to use it
Commonly appearing at the top of lists of fears, whether is be a small client meeting or a huge presentation, speaking in public can be nerve wracking. Using improvisational exercises and skills, this class helps participants to understand what is happening in biological terms and channel the energy into connecting with an audience and communicating in a dynamic way.

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