Presentations are a core part of communicating with clients and with your team. Done right, they can be punchy, fun and efficient, communicating huge amounts of information in a small amount of time. However, many people are terrified of doing them and bored at the very prospect of watching one. Often, we will do anything to avoid them.

The Nursery presentation workshop examines how to present from a variety of angles, both theoretical and practical, examining types of audience members and presenters and modelling best practice both from professional performers and some of the best presenters in the world today. It will help you and your team to present easily, effectively and without worrying.

Course content

Reducing nerves and increasing confidence – Improvisation training teaches us how to respond to what is happening, connecting with your audience and treating little mistakes and slip ups as opportunities.

• How to tell stories – Humans love stories. Our brains see them everywhere, and properly mastered, they can add drive and urgency to your presentations. This course will teach you the basics of narrative structure and how it can be used in a presentation to

• How to engage your audience – The myth that charisma cannot be taught is just that, a myth! Techniques used by actors and comedians will help you to speak directly to the people you are performing to, drawing them in and making them hang on every word.

· Personal Habits – In pressurised situations like a presentation, we tend to revert to habitual behaviours. This can be either positive or negative. In this workshop, you will work with your trainer and your group to become more ware of your habits and tendencies. This will enable you to better use those you like and change those you don’t.

This session can be offered to a group or an individual, depending on the needs of your organisation. Email us on or call us on 02078460062 to talk to us about what we can offer you.