Don’t miss Unbridled the new Nursery Original, it’s on every Saturday at the Nursery Theatre through January & February 2019.

Show Dates

26th January2nd February9th February16th February23rd February

Expect wild stallions, uncontrollable fillies (and horses too)! Set in an idyllic world of show-jumping and huge country houses, with a variety of animals and posh people behaving very badly while wearing jodhpurs, Unbridled is extremely silly, tongue in cheek and maybe just a little bit sexy.

Directed by Heather Urquhart of The Maydays and The Showstoppers

Cast: Jinni Lyons, Fred Deakin, Brittany Pay, Leander Vyvey, Lesley Stone, Jules Morrish, Bella Forbes, Kathy Manson and Jonathan Nguyen.

Unbridled Poster