Media Services

Looking to capture a performance or craft some marketing material?

We’d love to help. At the Nursery theatre we’ve committed to creating high quality content for our own shows, ranging from flyers at festivals to online animation.

We’re now able to offer that same expertise and equipment to help you tackle whatever it is you’re looking to create.

Get in contact to discuss what we can help you build.

Creating and sharing media is more important than ever and there’s more varied and exciting ways to do it than ever before.

Every show is different, every location has its little quirks. Take a look at what we can offer.


Video is an increasingly central part of publicising shows and events. Produce Social media shorts, trailers or entire shows with multi-camera setups.

Social media short/trailer filming and edit:

From £224
(includes introductory 20% discount)

Multi-camera event filming and edit:

From £224
(includes introductory 20% discount)


We have experience capturing marketing imagery in any number of venues, show formats and lighting scenarios.

Production photos:

From £112
(includes introductory 20% discount)

Design &
Post production

Looking for poster or flyer design? Need to have video assets quickly edited, or an existing asset updated with new information? Get in touch.

Poster/flyer design:

From £280
(includes introductory 20% discount)

Video editing and post production:

Enquire for rates

With the exception of the Happily Never After photo (Mark Dawson) all photography credited to the Nursery Media Team.

Gear and facilities

Our professional equipment and experience helps guarantee great results under a wide variety of challenging conditions.

Thought of something else?

Just as with every show, every marketing strategy is different, so we suggest getting in contact. Whether you’re looking to record a podcast, livestream a performance or scan yourselves in a 3D render…we’ll see what we can think up!

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