The Nursery Theatre Livestreaming Policy

As part of its new theatre, the Nursery Theatre now has the capacity to livestream and record all shows. This document is for artists to ensure that you are clear about what is being recorded, when and how it will be used and to give your permission for it to happen.

Safe space

The highest priority for the Nursery is creating a safe and inclusive space for both audiences and performers. Although we feel there are many advantages to extending parts of the improv community online, we are aware that the idea of having your work ‘out there’ on the internet can be intimidating or unhelpful for some people. We try our very best to minimise this and welcome feedback on how to do so, either via or the anonymous feedback form on our website. Opting out will always be an option.

What we can do

There is a single camera facing the stage and a microphone which is synced with it. This allows us to either record the show, or stream it online. Depending on response to the livestream, we may later add additional cameras so as to accommodate more angles.

Why we do it

An improv theatre is great for those who can get there, but no help to those that can’t for a number of reasons. Some people are too far away to get to shows, some people find social situations difficult and some cannot afford it. We know that the recorded or streamed experience is not quite the same as the live one, but it allows us to offer improvisation to these people and perhaps even persuade them to come to a show at a later date.

For the artists, it can be very useful to have a record of their performance for watching back later for notes or using the material, or for applications to festivals.

What exactly will happen

If the show is streamed, it will appear on the Nursery Theatre Youtube channel live at the time it is being performed (or at about a twenty second delay). In the future, we may also stream without sound to the Theatre Delicatessen bar. This stream will be available in its entirety for seven days after the show, after which it will be taken down. This is to allow people who missed the show to ‘catch up’, as BBC iPlayer does. Performances which violate IP law or which are offensive in any way may be taken down before this point at the discretion of the AD team.

After this point, the show will never be used or re-published without your permission and, so as to be sure, any remaining files will be deleted after two months.The primary usage of this will be to promote future performances of the same show or at the theatre. To stress, you will always be asked for permission for this kind of ‘second use’.

Offline video file

Once we are fully up and running we hope to offer an offline recording to any act that requests one beforehand, regardless of whether the performance has been streamed or not. At this early stage – whilst we assess demand on staff and the system – we’re only able to guarantee a recording for performances that have been livestreamed. The system must be engaged by a staff member; we must stress that you’ll never be filmed or streamed if you opt out.

Opting out

We want to reassure everyone that livestreaming is not an obligation for any performer or show and you can opt out at any time with no effect on future selection to perform at the Nursery Theatre.  Although opting-out will always be possible up until the very moments before streaming, we do ask that you try and make your wishes known at least 72 hours before performance. Should you opt out, archive material will be livestreamed for the duration of your slot and staff can better accommodate your wishes if we know in advance.

Monetisation and ads

We currently have no plans to attach advertising to our live streaming content or otherwise monetise it. This may change in future but it will never be applied retroactively to any content.

Online safety

The Nursery has disabled commenting and real-time chat features on the Youtube channel. This is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future and will never be applied retroactively to any content.

We realise that there are risks inherent to performing on the internet, just as there are in performing in any publicly accessible theatre. To be clear, we don’t anticipate any dangers arising from the livestream, especially given our limited exposure at this stage and given how social media is already extensively used to promote improv. We do however ask performers to exercise common sense when it comes to their’s and other’s online safety just as you would with the physical theatre space. Take care with whom you share the livestream and never directly provoke or challenge individuals. If you are uncomfortable at any stage, remember you can opt-out at any time.

What we can’t do

Shows broadcasting at the Nursery theatre cannot use material which they do not have the rights to. This includes recorded music and text from books, plays, films etc.  Unlicensed music – that is, music that you haven’t explicit permission from the owners to play – is strongly discouraged because it will automatically result in the stream being unlisted by YouTube.

Not all shows are livestreamed, and you are under no obligation to have your image used. If you wish to remove your permission from this at any time, or have any questions about this, just email or