LITTL – London Improv Theatre Training League

The London Improv Theatre Training League (LITTL) in partnership with The Nursery works with schools and community programmes soft skills through improvisation.

LITTL aims to introduce teens to the wonderful world of improv, developing the core principles of listening, accepting and celebrating mistakes, working as a team, trusting your own ideas and having a ridiculous amount of fun. We work with organisations to build fun classes that build confidence and teach teens soft skills like how to express creative ideas clearly collaboratively that have been proven to benefit young adults as they move into working life.

We work with community organisations to build bespoke programmes focusing on clear, joyful and collaborative communication, building confidence, creative thinking and healthy team working dynamics in a safe, silly and fun environment.

Our main offer includes:

  • An introduction to the basic principles of improv (listening, accepting ideas, being bold and clear)
  • Learning to trust creative instincts and not to judge ideas
  • Creating interesting and fun imagined environments for scenes
  • Creating a variety of unique characters
  • Working as an ensemble and supporting each other’s scenes
  • Putting scenes together to make a whole show

If you are interested in learning more about how we can work with you to build a bespoke learning plan for young adults in your area please contact us by emailing: littl(at)


About the teachers:

Molly Merwin

Molly is an actress, voice-over artist, writer and cat herder. Originally from Atlanta, she moved to London from Denver. In Denver, Molly performed regularly with improv troupes Carnival Code and Transplants as well as served on the board of the Denver Improv Festival.  In addition to teaching at The Nursery, Molly is the Lead Producer of the Slapdash International Improv Festival. She has studied improv with iO and Second City as well as various theatres and teachers throughout the US and UK. You can see her regularly with improv troupes PiggyBack and Leave to Remain.



Audra Goffeney

Audra started improvising in 2009 and hasn’t stopped since. She has trained with Vancouver TheatreSports League, Keith Johnstone and Gary Austen. Before making the leap across the pond to London, Audra was a cast member at Unexpected Productions in Seattle and co-creator of the cult favorite improv team Girls With Power Tools. Since moving to London,  Audra has performed with Classic Andy and Leave to Remain. In addition to helping out with Slapdash, Audra directs and performs in the brand new-to-London improv and stand-up show, PiggyBack.



Jennifer Jordan

Jennifer trained in Acting at Bretton Hall and, after ten years of performing and workshop facilitating professionally, she then discovered improv in Vancouver where she trained & performed with Vancouver Theatre Sports League, Instant Theatre, Second Storey, and The Fictionals. Now living in London, Jennifer teaches and performs at The Nursery, with most recent shows including The Concept, Magicked! and The Society. She can also be seen improvising with Impromptu Shakespeare, Somewhat Theatre, and Actor’s Nightmare.