Thursday Night Lights #TNL

TNL is a jam, a workshop and a show… all rolled into an awesome way to spend your Thursday!

If you’ve never been to an improv jam night before and don’t know what to expect; it’s like an open mic for bands, poets or stand-ups and it’s free entry.

Just arrive in time (see schedule below) at The Nursery Training Centre to register with the host and you’ll be joining in onstage in a safe, supportive and curated night of entirely improvised comedy. All the jammers get to warm up together in a short workshop after registration, which will help bring out your best onstage and help you to connect with your fellow players. Each Jam section has its own distinct feel, plus you get to watch a couple of acts from across the circuit who might even join you in the jam!

So, if you’re brand new to improv, or you’re a pro and looking to get in some ‘reps’ onstage there’s something for everyone.

Three Types of Jam


Fun comedy games that the host will explain and curate.


A series of longer comedic or dramatic scenes, each one taking a little bit of inspiration from the last with much more free reign for performers.

The Mystery Jam ©™!

A stylised series of scenes where each week the host invents a new concept never-to-be-seen again that will flex improv muscles you didn’t know you had.

Order of the night

7:30pm – Arrival and registration

We get an idea of who you are and which of the jams you would like to try.

7:45pm – Collective warm up

This is a big part of the night. If you’d like to play, come and warm up together.

8:00pm – The Show

Different every week, in format, content and tone. You’re very welcome to show up at this time if you’d like to just watch rather than play.

9:30pm – Drinks

Brew yourself a cuppa or grab something from the honesty bar. Form new groups and friendships, and bask in the glory of shared creation.


Have you got a team that’s ready for some stage time? We’re accepting applications!

Upcoming TNL Jams

No Events on The List at This Time