The Garden Party


THE GARDEN PARTY is a live streamed show, hosted by The Nursery but starring you.

An open-spot style show designed specifically for teams who would like to bring their show a global audience.



It’s suitable for; preexisting shows, teams or acts, (whenever or wherever they formed), graduates of any of our courses looking for more opportunities to play together or simply just a group of friends looking to try something new. This is The Nursery’s new ‘formal’ way of applying to bring a show.

Applications to perform on our virtual stage are always open, so it’s not a case of IF you will get a spot but when!


The live streamed show is approximately one hour long, and each event will have a minimum of 2 acts performing, there is no fixed time for the shows, let us know how long is an ideal length for you to get the most out of the experience.

We’d like to encourage anyone who fancies trying out their show online, and if you are brand new to it, can offer some simple coaching to make you feel more at ease. Additionally, whilst we tend to use Zoom to stream to our social media channels, we are open to groups who want to experiment technologically in the spirit of growing the art form.


If you would like a space to rehearse ahead of your show and don’t have access to a paid zoom account then we are happy to let you use ours free of charge* just as long as you stack the chairs and leave the room how you found it.

*times and dates of free zoom hire will be negotiated with teams upon booking. 


  • Arrival and briefing by host – 1.30pm
  • Breakout room rehearsal/prep time – 1.35pm-2.00pm
  • Live Stream starts- 2.00pm
  • Improv happens- 2.05-3pm
  • 3pm- 3.30pm Cocktails and tiny sandwiches and pats on the back, and space to hang out with the other team.


The Nursery do not tolerate harassment of any kind, be it in our virtual or live spaces, or on our social media. People who engage in this kind of behaviour at The Nursery, or at any other organization, will not be allowed to participate in our community, in any capacity, online or in person.

For more information, please read our Code of Conduct. If you wish to report any incidents, you can send us an anonymous message here or get in touch to our team directly.


We’ll be in touch with you soon, if you haven’t heard from us in a while, we are likely trying to fit you into the schedule, but we don’t mind you nudging via email if it’s been a while.

If emailing, please CC both &

If the application form is slow to load, you can go directly to the form here.

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