TNL and the Carousel

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#TNL is BACK and better than ever!

What is Thursday Night Lights #TNL?

It’s on a Thursday and it’s part jam, part workshop and part show.
Each week we host a couple of act acts including a rotating resident act, alongside our three uniquely curated audience jams.

How do I get involved?

Three specially curated jam sessions that help bring out the best of everyone. Each jam section has its own distinct feel, including our patented ‘mystery jam’ where you get to flex improv muscles you didn’t even know you had. Plus one or two acts from across the circuit play alongside a rotating resident act. 
Teams can apply for one-off dates or to perform for three weeks in a row, just like in The Carousel.

Just like The Carousel TNL is FREE ENTRY (PWYW at the end)


What happens at #TNL?

Everyone gets to warm up and know each other before the show and is guaranteed plenty of stage time in a warm, encouraging atmosphere to grow and sharpen their improvisation skills. Alongside the jams, each week at #TNL, we also have an amazing line-up of acts; a selection of the UK’s finest and emerging improv talent alongside a rotating resident act. All in a warm and friendly atmosphere. 

7.00pm – Arrival and registration. We get an idea of who you are and which of the jams you would like to try.
7.15pm – Collective warm-up*. This is a big part of the night. If you’d like to play, come and warm up together.
7.30pm – Doors open.
8.00pm – The Show. Different every week, in format, content and tone. You’re very welcome to show up at this time if you’d like to just watch rather than play. There’ll be a halftime interval. 
10pm – Drinks and cuddles, form new groups and friendships, and bask in the glory of shared creation. 

*Please note to take part in any of the Jam sections, you must arrive for 7pm to register and warm up. The hosts may deny entry into the jams if players are late to warm up! 

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#NurseryCarousel comes round again!

What is #NurseryCarousel?

Every Sunday we host three rotating resident acts and a short audience jam.

How do I get involved?

Each team applies to perform for three weeks in a row, and as part of their residency and as each team finishes their run, one team starts, like a relay race held on a giant fairground Carousel! 

Just like TNL The Carousel is FREE ENTRY (PWYW at the end)


What happens at #NurseryCarousel?

The Carousel is an opportunity to see some of London’s up-and-coming stars play as resident groups. Every Sunday we present three improv teams honing their forms and perfecting their craft. At the end of the show, everyone comes together for the audience jam. You’ll see a mix of experienced acts trying out something new, and brand new groups cutting their teeth in a supportive setting. Like a Sunday lunch with your family, but with fewer arguments. 

4.30pm – Arrival. Groups check in with the host. The host will confirm the running order. Groups can warm-up. 

4:45pm – Doors. 

5pm – Show begins. Three acts, up to 25 minutes each plus an audience jam! 

6:30pm – Show ends. Let’s have a drink! Thanks, everyone, warm goodbye to the headliners, get to know the people you’re sharing the Carousel with next week.