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Project Manager/Theatre Transition Manager – £1k/month (2 days per week apr.)

The Nursery is one of London’s leading centres for the training and performance of improvisation with almost a decade of producing shows, classes and corporate training. Currently using two buildings in London Bridge and Broadgate as its training centre and theatre, the Nursery is looking for someone to help us find and equip a new home for the company when we leave our current buildings, as we expect to during 2019.

Initial duties include:

  • Consulting with current staff to formulate a profile for the new building.
  • Researching methods of locating new buildings.
  • Creating and distributing materials to landlords, agencies and other relevant parties.
  • Securing building including relevant licensing and planning permission if necessary.
  • Working with Nursery staff to crowdfund and equip the new space.

The successful candidate will be a bit of a hustler, used to working independently and being creative in their responses to complex problems.

The initial period of employment would be four months, after which time a decision would be made mutually as to whether to continue with the arrangement or hand research over to Nursery staff to continue. The aim is for the company to move to a new venue mid to late 2019.

To apply, please email with a CV and evidence of your success in previous similar projects. Interviews will be conducted late October with a view to starting early November.

We also have a large volunteer program, with administrative, front of house, and other roles available. Volunteers are eligible for free classes, rehearsal space, and other perks. Email for more information.

About Us

The Nursery has been bringing improv to Londoners for almost a decade. We run regular shows and classes, as well as offering space hire and bespoke training.

In 2017 we opened the Nursery Theatre, Broadgate. Our programme includes shows every Friday and Saturday, developing acts and jams on Thursday (Thursday Night Lights) and Sundays (The Carousel), a free monthly development workshop and additional shows on an ad-hoc basis, plus our in-house Nursery Originals programme, and our annual week-long international improv festival Slapdash in October. The theatre has its own private bar and comfy seats and it’s a great place to come along and watch a huge variety of improv styles in a relaxed, friendly environment.

Our Training Centre runs flexible classes that are aimed at all levels: from a free monthly taster session and two weekly drop-ins, to a number of longer courses, one-off electives, and workshops with guest teachers for experienced improvisers to hone specific skills. The Training Centre also offers five rehearsal spaces for hire.