Improv Classes and Courses

“Pretty much the most satisfying, most fun improv course I’ve ever been on.” Ray Dann

The Nursery run a huge selection of courses, workshops and jams to fit in with you! Our free monthly Puddle Jumping class is ideal for beginners to get a taster of what improv is all about, or why not bite the bullet and sign up for our short beginners’ classes, ‘Making A Scene: An Introduction To Improv’? If you’re unable to commit on a weekly basis we have two Maydays Drop-in classes every Wednesday and Saturday, which are suitable for all levels. For more experienced improvises there are a range of longer courses and electives, and we regularly host classes with international teachers. Our queer improv group QI opens its rehearsals to new improvisers for free every two months and we also have our free monthly Fourth Monday Muckabout for improvisers to test out new ideas. If you fancy getting up on stage our weekly jam Thursday Night Lights is the perfect place to give it a go in a fun, supportive, low-pressure environment. So, come and play!

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Regular classes and jams




Making a Scene: An introduction to improvisation

(Four weeks courses throughout the Autumn, Tuesdays 7-10pm, £95, £80 Early Bird)
The Nursery ‘Making a Scene’ courses are groundings in the core principles and techniques of improvisation. In a supportive, fun environment, you will be guided through improvised scenes and games in a way which is accessible and friendly, whatever your background. You will create characters and stories both realistic and bizarre and find how the fun can come slowly and organically or quickly and impulsively. And you will laugh long and hard. Guaranteed.


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Making a Show: Duos

(Eight Wednesdays from 12th September, 7-10pm, £160, £140 Early Bird)
It’s just you and me, kid.
Twoprov, or duo shows are simply shows with two improvisers in. It’s as simple and as complex as that. Ranging from the Two-Man Movie, to Bassprov, the art of a duo is to create a show that is so personal to the two of you that no one else could ever have made it.There is no one else to please and no one else to satisfy.



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Improvised Shakespeare

(Six Mondays from 22nd October, 7-10pm, £110, £90 Early Bird)

A world of kings and queens, lovers and knights, monsters and magic. In this one introduction to improvised Shakespeare, you discover how to use iambic pentameter, metaphor and rich language to create wild, playful situations and characters based on the work of Shakespeare.

Whether you hated it at school and have never read a Shakespeare play, or know the plays backwards and can recite sonnets from memory, this course will test and stimulate you, expanding the emotional range and linguistic dexterity of your improv.

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Making a Show: Organic Longform

(Six Wednesdays from 31st October, 7-10pm, £120, £105 Early Bird)

In improvisation, every show is unique, created from the genius of the performers, the enthusiasm of the audience and that little sprinkle of luck. The beauty and the buzz of making it up comes in large part from that feeling of freshness and immediacy that comes from having no script.
So why not do the same with the form as we do with the content? By developing our curiosity and noticing what is already happening, supporting each other onstage and treating every oddity as an opportunity, it is possible to not just have a new show every night, but a whole new show format every night. Slick, elegant improvised theatre that happens easily and effortlessly, and is completely original.

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International Guests and one-off classes

Women’s workshops

Monthly workshops for non-male identifying improvisers of all levels, taught by some of the most prominent and experienced improvisers in the country.