Improv Classes and Courses

Making a Scene: An introduction to improvisation

Never Alone (4 Tuesdays from 5th March, 7-10pm, £95, £80 Early Bird)

The Nursery ‘Making a Scene’ courses are groundings in the core principles and techniques of improvisation. In a supportive, fun environment, you will be guided through improvised scenes and games in a way which is accessible and friendly, whatever your background. You will create characters and stories both realistic and bizarre and find how the fun can come slowly and organically or quickly and impulsively. And you will laugh long and hard. Guaranteed.

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Regular classes and drop-ins

International Guests and one-off classes

Being Dynamic: Discovery before Invention – with Dan O’Connor

(Saturday 16th March from 10.30am-5pm, and costs £60 (£50 Early Bird))

Improvisers get in their own way by thinking and planning what is to come rather than using the inventory of the moment. This class embraces the notion that dynamic improvisation is mindfulness – how we let go and get out of the way can lead to our best work.

This workshop will work on:
Emotion before action
The space between dialog ( i.e Acting is not words)
Staying in the moment and discovering what is there without engaging your inner editor.
Taking your time while keeping the scene dynamic.
What is a narrative beat and how to learn to move from one to the next?

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Waking Up! – The Improvisation and Spirituality Weekend

(Friday 31st May to Sunday 2nd June from 10.30am-5pm, and costs £295 including lodging and meals (20% Early Bird discount))

In the process of playing the game of life…

Are you tired of trying other people’s formulas?
Looking to carve out a path that’s original or totally your own?
Are clear that life mastery means balancing planning and improvisation?

Then join us for Waking Up!: The Improvisation and Spirituality Workshop!

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We run two weekly jams for improvisers of all levels, each including some great acts too!