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Making a Scene: An introduction to improvisation

Storytelling (6 Wednesdays from 3rd April, 7-9: 30 pm, £150, £130 Early Bird)

The Nursery ‘Making a Scene’ courses are groundings in the core principles and techniques of improvisation. In a supportive, fun environment, you will be guided through improvised scenes and games in a way which is accessible and friendly, whatever your background. You will create characters and stories both realistic and bizarre and find how the fun can come slowly and organically or quickly and impulsively. And you will laugh long and hard. Guaranteed.

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Armando Diaz

Armando is widely regarded as one of the best improv teachers in New York City and beyond. His list of teaching credits is a long one: the Improv Olympic Theater, Victory Gardens Theater, The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, NYU and Michael Howard Studios. He has trained dozens of actors who have performed or written for Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Mad TV, and The Daily Show.

A Chicago native, Armando studied improv under Del Close at the ImprovOlympic, Mick Napier at the Annoyance, and graduated from the Second City Conservatory. He performed in and helped create one of the most popular improvised longforms in Chicago, “The Armando Diaz Experience….” For the last decade, “the Armando” has been performed weekly in Chicago, and is now taught and performed in many other cities including Los Angeles and New York.  In addition to writing and producing short films, Armando wrote sketches for the show Upright Citizens Brigade on Comedy Central, and has performed on Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

Armando is running two different full day workshops on 4th and 5th May:

Dynamic Duos
(Saturday 4th May 10.30am-5pm,  £70)

This class is all about two-person improv. Whether you have been performing with a partner for a while or are interested in forming an improv duo with a friend, you will learn everything you need to know to become a Dynamic Duo. Learn how to make stronger and bolder choices, create intimacy with your partner, develop structure, and get help finding your Duo’s own individual form or style. I will guide each Duo in crafting their own style of play. Whether you are inspired by the patient and precise improv of “T.J. and Dave” or you prefer the rapid fire chaos of “Hot Sauce”. It is about creating a show that fits each Duo’s strengths and sensibilities. Duo’s are highly encouraged to come in with their concepts and esthetic preferences to the class. If there is a style or device you’d like to try we will put it through its paces and knock a show into a great show.

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The Ensemble
(Sunday 5th May 10.30am-5pm,  £70)

Love ensemble based sitcoms like, “The Office” or “Parks and Recreation”? Learn how to create an original ensemble improv show that features loveable characters set in their own funny world who play their own games and tackle complicated  inter-relationships to explore different themes and situations suggested from the audience. Whatever the world, from a university, to a cruise ship, from an Amish settlement to the crew of a starship, you will learn to mine hilarious characters from those settings. You will also learn how to construct multiple storylines, how to be a swing player, make effective moves and resolve each episode with a comic and satisfying conclusion.

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Patti Stiles

Patti Stiles has worked all over the world, in countries including Canada, the US, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Thailand. She is the Artistic Director if Die Nasty AU, co-director of Secret Impro theatre and has been Artistic Director of both Rapid Fire Theatre and Impro Melbourne. She was the first woman to improvise for 53 hours non-stop in the famous Die Nasty Soap-a-thon and has had a workshop room named after her at Impro ACT in Canberra. She is currently the Oceania representative on the Theatresports Institute Managing Board.

Patti served her apprenticeship with Keith Johnstone at the world-renowned Loose Moose Theatre before spending over twenty-five years interpreting and extending what she learnt there. In that time, she has become a legendary teacher for her fine skill, strong narrative and elegant style.



Status Play
(18th – 19th May 10.30am-5pm, £130)

Status play happens continually in life. It is a form of silent communication, significant in how we relate to and are affected by people everyday. On stage relationship look void of any real connection when status play is not present. Master Servant work is anchored in status. It is the understanding of status play and the ability to raise and lower each others status which can build tension or create comedy. It is an important technique to have in your impro tool kit. This workshop is a physical workshop and will involve being hit by balloons.

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Waking Up! – The Improvisation and Spirituality Weekend

(Friday 31st May to Sunday 2nd June from 10.30am-5pm, and costs £295 including lodging and meals (20% Early Bird discount))

In the process of playing the game of life…

Are you tired of trying other people’s formulas?
Looking to carve out a path that’s original or totally your own?
Are clear that life mastery means balancing planning and improvisation?

Then join us for Waking Up!: The Improvisation and Spirituality Workshop!

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We run two weekly jams for improvisers of all levels, each including some great acts too!