Scenework Workout

Scenework Workout

A small-class drop in for more experienced improvisers, ‘Scenework Workout’ focuses on the essentials of great scenework to help you make scenes that are easy to play and scintillating to watch. Featuring a different skill each week, as well as side coaching and personal feedback, Scenework Workout is recommended for those who have completed the Nursery’s levels 1-3 or equivalent training (a year or so of regular, structured practise). This class does not restrict itself to a particular methodology, but draws on all of the training and skills of Nursery teachers to help enrich and deepen your understanding of how scenes really work. Making Scenes is a deep dive class for those looking to improve their scenework fast and have fun while they are doing it.

Skills taught include:

  • Acting skills and stagecraft
  • Emotional release
  • Character and point of view
  • Connection to your partner
  • Vocal and physical transformation
  • Game of the scene
  • Heightening
  • The psychology of performance and flow
  • Storytelling
  • Points of change

With a maximum of 12 attendees, Scenework Workout is run by some of the Nursery’s most experienced teachers, including members of the Maydays, Impromptu Shakespeare and the Showstoppers. Different each week, it’s a workout for your scenework.

Note: To attend this class, you must have completed the Nursery’s level 3 or equivalent. If you wish to attend, please email with a summary of your experience. You will be given a password that enables you to book.

Upcoming Scenework Workouts

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