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Book as and when you like if a full course isn’t your thing right now, and choose from Open, Morning (1hr), Scenework and Music. All classes are 2 hours except the Morning classes which are 1 hour, and all except Advanced/Scenework are open to all experience levels from ‘nothing’ to ‘loads’!

We also run improv drop-ins for Kids & Teens (7-14), which are open to all abilities too!

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Questions about online improv? Check out our FAQ!

Please note:

– Class links are sent once sales close, which is an hour before each class.

– The minimum participants to run a class is 4, and with the current situation we cannot always guarantee we will have enough to run a class.  If your drop-in is cancelled, you will be notified about an hour before the class.

– If you have any difficulty with your class link and cannot get in to a session, please contact us through The Nursery Facebook messenger, as this is instant and teachers will be checking before class (emails may not reach us in time).

Open Drop-in

Level: Open

Open – A class for anyone, regardless of their improv experience. Although more experienced players are of course welcome, the content does not require any prior improv knowledge.

Open online drop-ins offer a combination of pair and group work, challenge and fun. In these classes, you will practise the skills of building, agreement, emotional expression and creativity. You will have an opportunity to connect with people around the world and share community and laughter through improvisation games and scenes.

These classes are energetic and playful, and each one is different, offering an opportunity to play and grow in challenging times.


Thursday 7.30pm-9.30pm


Level: Intermediate

Intermediate (3/6 months+): These classes will be opportunities to add tools to your growing toolbox. Normally these classes will expect players to be confident playing scenes. These classes will provide practice and specific new skills.

A smaller drop in for more experienced improvisers, our scenework drop-in focuses on the essentials of great scenework to help you make scenes that are easy to play and scintillating to watch. It will get you accustomed to playing scenes online and keep you fit for life after lockdown. Centering on side-coaching and personal feedback, this class draws on a variety of styles and techniques to enrich and deepen your understanding of how scenes work. This class is a deep dive class for those looking to improve their scenework fast and have fun while they are doing it.

With a maximum of 8 attendees, classes are normally run by Jules Munns. Jules performs with the Maydays and Impromptu Shakespeare, as well as being one half of Ten Thousand Million Love Stories. He has performed and taught across the world, from Finland to Pakistan, Malawi to Canada. He creates improv blogs and podcasts and performs online for the Nursery.


Saturday 1pm-3.30pm


Level: Open

Open: A class for anyone, regardless of improv experience. Although more experienced players are of course welcome, the content does not require any prior improv knowledge.

Two hours of improvising musicals with some of the most experienced teachers on the improv scene. You will have an opportunity to connect with people around the world and share community and laughter through Musical improvisation games and scenes.

During these online drop-ins, you’ll be introduced to the core skills of melody and lyrics, rhyming and choruses, leading to the ability to create songs on any topic right there. In a supportive and nurturing environment, you’ll see how to fit songs into scenes and perform with flair and commitment.

Please note this class will involve some solo singing.

This is a wide ability class, but if you’ve never done musical improv feel free to contact us at


Sunday 10.30am-12.30pm


Who teaches these classes?

All classes are taught by experienced members of The Nursery and The Maydays teaching staff. The schedule changes weekly and the teacher names will be published on Social Media (subject to change.)

How do I join an online class?

An hour before your class starts, you will receive an email to the address you gave when you bought your ticket. Just click the link ten minutes before class starts and Zoom will do the rest.

What if I lose my connection or freeze?

We should be able to solve most minor technological mishaps, but if the internet is not your friend that day, we can easily move you to another class. Just email

How many people will be in the class?

Our standard adult classes have a limit of 12 participants, the shorter morning classes have a limit of 20, and the Kids/Teen classes have a limit of 10.

What if I haven’t used Zoom before?

Your teacher will take you through the programme at the start of your class, and will make sure that everybody can use the functions they need.

Please note:

  • The Nursery cannot refund tickets after purchase.
  • The minimum age for these classes is 18.
  • Classes start on time and if you are more than 15 minutes late without letting us know, you may not be able to join the class, as you will have missed warmups.