Improv Beginners Courses

I started doing improv at The Nursery and fell in love with it! Although I was petrified at first, they made me feel completely at ease, able to have fun and wanting to explore more and mix with this vibrant scene... I ended up performing which I would have never imagined myself doing before, especially since English is not my first language!

Christel Chaudet

Level 1: Spontaneity

Complete beginners are welcome – you don’t need any previous improv or performing experience. This is the place to start your improv journey!

The Level 1 course is designed to give you a grounding in the key skills of improv. It’s also a great next step if you’ve done some one off classes and want to really dive in – or if you’ve done some improv before but taken a long break.

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Why should I learn improv?

  • Improv skills are transferable to all aspects of life.
  • You’ll start trusting your own creative ideas.
  • You’ll gain confidence.
  • You’ll laugh. A lot.
  • You’ll make a bunch of fun new friends.

Spontaneity: What will I learn on the course?

A great course to start with if you’re unsure where to start!

  • To let go of judgement and say ‘YES’ to what’s fun in the moment.
  • To create fun scenes from nothing.
  • How to be a good listener.
  • How to move an idea forward.
  • To gain confidence in your own abilities and contribution.

Is this right for me?

Yes! The beginner courses are suitable for anyone looking to learn improv skills! Including:

  • Complete beginner, with no improv, acting or performing experience needed.
  • People with a first language other than English.
  • People with anxiety.
  • Performers looking to add a new skill to their toolbox.

Upcoming Beginner’s Level 1 Courses

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