Women’s Workshop

This workshop is one of a series run by the Nursery to create an open and supportive creative space for female-identifying improvisers of all ages and experience levels who may, for whatever reason, feel they would benefit from an all-female class environment in which to learn and play! It’s a safe place to come and be bold and fearless and meet other dynamic women from across the city.

The classes run once a month, and they are stand alone, so you can book one or come along every time. Each workshop is taught by a different teacher and focuses on a specific area of improvisation, and we have some exciting people lined up over the coming months!



This month’s workshop is Your Thing Rocks! on Sunday 18th February, 2-5 pm with Rhiannon Vivian.

Rhiannon Vivian is an experienced improviser and has been performing since 2008. She currently performs regularly in London and Brighton with The Maydays, Dreamweaver Quartet, Bumper Blyton the Improvised Adventure, Sitting In a Tin Can and The Concept.

She also writes and performs character comedy, and took both her self-penned solo shows Doors To Manual and Office Meltdown to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe three years running.

Rhiannon has trained in improvisation in the UK and at UCB in New York, iO and Annoyance Theatres in Chicago and in sketch and musicals at the PIT Theatre, NYC. As a Mayday, she is proud to be have performed as a guest with acclaimed show Whirled News Tonight at iO Chicago, and has performed on international stages from New York to Dublin to Portugal. She also regularly teaches and coaches improv in both creative and corporate environments. Bonus skill: Rhiannon can cartwheel on her elbows.

Your thing rocks! That thing you always play on stage? Do it more! Maybe it’s chatty scenes, maybe it’s characters. Maybe you love premise based scenes, maybe you always play animals… We’ll be looking at how you can deliberately give yourself the mission in every show to make an offer to one of your team members to do with the thing they love. And have that done back to you! Think of what a joyful show that would be. Rhiannon loves playing objects? Remember that, and maybe make her an offer in a show that would accommodate that want. You love chatty scenes? Rhiannon has remembered that and will gift it to you right back!

In Part 2 we’ll also have a look at all the things you stay away from on stage and maybe find out why. For example, Rhiannon rarely does premise. Why? She thinks she’s not clever enough for it. Hopefully we can unpick and demystify some of the stuff that you like less or worry about, and see if we can find a way to make it more enjoyable. For example, Rhiannon used to hate chatty scenes. Now she LOVES them. And if we work on them and you still dislike them? Absolutely allowed! We can’t all like everything, or it’d be a very bland world. For example, Rhiannon never plays sultry, overtly flirty characters. Now she… still never plays them.
It’s also a fab opportunity to look at anything you’ve ever been endowed with playing that you weren’t comfortable with, and how we can twist those offers into something that makes us happy. Hurray for our different brains! Let’s celebrate them. Let’s also challenge ourselves to try new things. But let’s never, ever be uncomfortable on stage.

£20, Sunday 18th February, 2-5pm. Class limited to 16 participants. Book below to guarantee a place.

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