Thursday Night Lights – The Nursery Improv Jam


What is Thursday Night Lights #TNL?

It’s a hybrid improv jam/show like no other!

It’s part jam, part workshop and part show. Each week we welcome two acts, some of whom are newer to improv or old hands trying something new, and anyone can play in our three specially curated jam sessions that help bring out the best of everyone. Each jam section has its own distinct feel, including our patented ‘concept jam’ where you get to flex improv muscles you didn’t even know you had.

Want to jam at #TNL? Scroll down to check out the dates for this season’s upcoming shows!

What happens at #TNL?

Everyone gets to warm up and know each other before the show and is guaranteed plenty of stage time in a warm, encouraging atmosphere to grow and sharpen their improvisation skills. Alongside the Jam, each week at #TNL, we also have an amazing line-up of acts; a selection of the UK’s finest and emerging improv talent. It’s a place where you’ll see a mix of the most experienced performers on the circuit trying out something new, and brand new groups cutting their teeth in a supportive setting, meaning you could be jamming alongside some of the most seasoned improvisers on the circuit in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

So, whether you come to watch, or play, or both, #TNL is the perfect improv night for you!

8pm, The Nursery Theatre, Liverpool Street, PWYW 

To take part in any of the Jam sections, you must arrive for 7pm to register*

How the night works 

7.00pm – Arrival and registration. We will greet you and get an idea of who you are and which of the jams you would like to try. We’ll then feed this data through an incredibly complex algorithm to create the perfect show for everyone that night.

7.15pm – Collective warm up*. This is a big part of the night. If you’d like to play, come and warm up together. Some games, a few scenes. You will get on the same page with the others who are there, connect and feel ready to make some beautiful improv!

8.00pm – The Show. Different every week, in format, content and tone. We will be trying out jam formats, working with open scenes, games and short sets. Plus some wonderful experimental stuff and occasional guest headliners. You’re very welcome to show up at this time if you’d like to just watch rather than play.

10pm – Beer and cuddles. We will congratulate each other and share what we thought was great, form new groups and friendships, and bask in the glory of shared creation.

*Please note that in order to make this a fun and safe space for everyone, we ask that all players wishing to play in the Jams are present for warm up, the hosts may deny entry into the jams if players are late to warm up! 

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  1. Andrew Lukas

    Hello, can I pop down this evening to Join in with the jam …. meet at 7pm?
    Had classes with LA Groundlings, Annie Sertich.
    If not possible/appropriate to play, happy to watch /enjoy.
    With thanks
    07958 929118

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  2. Bob Stafford

    Unforgettable Nursery TNL last night! Awkward Silence with Lizzy & Andreas, and Ramshackle played. Molly’s Concept Jam of seven series of scenes around sin ignited with the superb offer of “lie”. It showed me how close improv is to dreams. A magical place that peddles prediction, wishes, hopes and fears. Scenes trip out of nowhere in zigzag ribbons of sequitur and nonsense. It is being, not showing. The audience is privy to the ultimate rite of “It happened!”. The “It” being “We are one”.

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