Start Freaking Out – with Colleen Doyle

We get it, you’re cool. But being cool on stage makes finding your character’s point of view and meaning in your scenes more difficult than it has to be. Improvisers who are more reactive help themselves and their ensemble understand their scenes and introduce information that can clearly and easily be used later in a show. In this workshop we’ll focus on not waiting to find something to react to, recognizing when gifts are given and accepting them with enthusiasm. We’ll address how often we ignore, don’t notice or flatly deny a gift from our scene partner(s) and instead seek out every opportunity to make things more meaningful in a variety of ways.

Colleen Doyle grew up in Cleveland where she wrote greeting cards and was a part of the cast that opened The Second City Cleveland. She has made appearances in the indie features Close Quarters and Open Tables as well as Fresh Off the Boat and the NYTVF Best Comedy Pilot, Shrink. Colleen taught at iO Chicago (Teacher of the Year 2014) and iO West, where she also served as Artistic Director and Training Center Director. In Chicago, Colleen performed with the lovely ladies of Virgin Daiquiri, Babymakers, and in the first sketch revue at the Mission Theater, Trap.

In LA, Colleen teaches and coaches all over town. She performs with the ensembles Dummy and The Village Bicycle.
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This workshop takes place on Thursday 14th February from 7pm-10pm, and costs £35

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