Elective: Improvised Shakespeare

“At the end of the workshop, I was doing things that I never thought I could do and thoroughly enjoying myself.”

A world of kings and queens, lovers and knights, monsters and magic. In this one day introduction to improvised Shakespeare, you discover how to use iambic pentameter, metaphor and rich language to create wild, playful situations and characters based on the work of Shakespeare.

Whether you hated it at school and have never read a Shakespeare play, or know the plays backwards and can recite sonnets from memory, this course will test and stimulate you, expanding the emotional range and linguistic dexterity of your improv.

Improvisation dramatic and grand, but still playful and irreverent.


“I really felt in my element with a great teacher and a great class. So stimulating.”

This one-day class is being run on April 15th, at the Nursery Training Centre, Capital House, 42 Weston Street, SE1 3QD and costs £35.

This class is for those who have some improvisational experience. Maybe a course or two. Email jules@thnenurserytheatre.com if you have any questions.

Book here for April 15th!

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