Rock Opera Workshop with Michael Lutton & Miles Lindahl

Get ready to rock! The Rock Opera is a 25-minute narrative musical, completely sung through. In this workshop, taught by two veterans of New York’s musical improv scene, you will learn how  to make bold choices and commit to heightened emotion in the style of Jesus Christ Superstar, Next to Normal, Hedwig, and other Broadway musicals. This form requires laser-focused scenework, clear character choices, good listening, teamwork, and total commitment from the entire ensemble. These are  important skills for any improviser, musical or otherwise! The end result is a musical that is high-energy, exciting, funny, and fun for both the performers and the audience. Musical improv experience is recommended. No formal vocal training necessary!

This workshop takes place on Wednesday 20th June at Deli Studios, Broadgate and costs £35. Please note that course fees are non-refundable when paid.

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About the teachers:

Michael Lutton has been teaching improv​ since 2011. He has travelled the U.S, performing in festivals and has taught workshops in Boston and Washington, DC. He has also taught several corporate and team-building workshops. He’s very excited to be guest-instructing in the UK!He began improvising in 2006, and was lucky to train with teachers such as Armando Diaz, Rachel Hamilton, James Eason, and Tara Copeland. Michael currently teaches at the Magnet Theater in New York, covering​ Level 1, Level 4: Monoscene, Musical Improv Level 1 and Musical Improv Level 3. In addition to his teaching duties, Michael is the Director of the Musical Improv Program at the Magnet. Some of his credits include The Spidey Project and the Crimetown Podcast.

Miles Lindahl is an improviser and frequent accompanist for musical improv teams in New York City, Miles Lindahl started playing guitar to impress a girl in 7th grade. When that failed, he picked up piano, bass, and–much to the disappointment of his mother–drums.

Over the past few years, he has spent nearly every Tuesday behind a drum kit at Musical Megawatt next to Musical Director Frank Spitznagel, who helped him hone his improvisational piano playing. Miles has since provided accompaniment for PopUp Musicals, Baby Wants Candy, Running Late with Scott Rogowsky, and various Magnet, PIT, and indie teams. He also performs on a Musical Megawatt house team at the Magnet Theater, where he met his wife. ​In addition to performing, Miles co-teaches Musical Level 1 and Musical Level 2 at the Magnet.

His mom couldn’t be happier.


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