Slapdash Workshop: Read the scene, don’t write it

People tend to think improv is a blank page to be filled. To me, Improv is a page, already written in invisible ink that you only have to read. In this class I’ll give you Improv glasses to see everything, we’ll read the scenes, the space, the objects and of course our partners. Everything is already there, there’s nothing to be created or invented. There’s just momentum to be revealed.

Flavian Ruppert
Actor, travelling improviser, teacher, artistic director and founder of Le Théâtre de l’Oignon, Flavian is a heady mix of portuguese french and swiss, living on the German border. Improvising and acting since 1996, Flavian graduated in drama from the Conservatoire and in Theatre from the University of Strasbourg. He started his professional career in 2004. He has studied Improv in France and with some of the best improvisers in the world: Patti Stiles, Rama Nicholas, Wade Jackson, Randy Dixon, Lee White, Jstar Atlanta, Fabio Maccioni, Jim Libby and more recently with Lindsay Hailey and Jason Shotts from iO Chicago.

Flavian has created a dozen original improv formats with Théâtre de l’Oignon, including short, free and long form. All of their shows merge improvised theatre and improvised music. He has taught and performed in 24 different countries, which makes him the most exported french improviser. Flavian is also a member of Ohana : The Young European Improvisers Project. More about this unique Improv Project in Europe in which 15 countries gather for Improv love.

2-5pm, The Nursery Training Centre, London Bridge, £25

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