David Razowsky: A Day Dedicated to “You”!

A Day Dedicated to “You”!
The focus of this master class is to get the actor to set aside all of the unnecessary elements

of improv training and replace them with a life-changing awareness of “You being on stage with you.”

The most important person on stage is YOU. YOU get to notice what happens, YOU get to be aware of what’s inspiring you, YOU get to follow what energizes you, and YOU get to celebrate the surprises that YOU create.

With the full-day YOU masterclass you’ll enter the world of personal awareness and presentness, of the excitement of knowing what to do the moment the moment arrives! YOU are in charge, and this workshop will be a study of–and a practice of–you connecting to you. YOU are the boss of YOU.

The “YOU” “takeaways” will include:

–Owning calm self-awareness at the beginning of your scenes immediately leading you to strong points-of-view.

–Letting go, moving on. The beat feels like it’s over…now what? You will always know what’s the “now” about your scene.

This will all lead up to you being a strong, confident, courageous actor, producing scenes that will most surprise…you.

This one day workshop is on the 15th of September, 10am to 5pm and costs £75. Maximum class size is 16 and often sell out, so book early to avoid disappointment.  

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Class bookings are final, no money can be refunded and the Nursery does not keep waiting lists. However, if you would like to transfer your place to someone else, just email us 24 hours in advance.


Dave Razowsky Biography

Dave has over thirty year experience teaching improvisation and sketch comedy. He is the former Dean of the Second City Training Centre, a guest artist with Steppenwolf Theater Company and a consultant for Dreamworks. He is also the host of the ADD podcast, an amazing resource for improvisers worldwide.

David Razowsky has a very simple approach to strong impro scenes: Your presence is the only thing you need to create compelling, smart, truthful, and surprising scenes. Period. No games, no preconceived premises, no ideas, no ego. Just now matters. It’s what has inspired many to call him an “impro guru.” Your level of experience doesn’t matter.

What others say about Dave:

“David taught me to overcome my fear of failure which opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities.” Kari Finn

“I love your very loving, nonjudgmental, and uber encouraging teaching style. Your workshops gave me the nudge I needed to move forward.” Lisa Akroush

“‘Lose that which no longer serves you,’ and ‘Be the Santa of Now Town.’ I remember leaving your class thinking, ‘I want to worship at the church of Dave Razowsky’!!! Spending anytime with Razowsky, be it in a class, workshop or drop-in, will have a profound impact on the way you see & understand improv. You will definitely have those ‘Ah Hah’ moments.” Michael Morales

“David’s teaching is truly transformative. His approach is thoughtful, while his technique compels you to find the truth in every moment, and express it without fear of failure.” Anonymous

“I didn’t think David would change how I see the world, but he did. I am now more aware of the present and how I feel.” Anonymous