POC Workshop: Not from Here- Celebrating the Strangeness with Laxmi Priya

21mar3:00 pm5:30 pmPOC Workshop: Not from Here- Celebrating the Strangeness with Laxmi Priya3:00 pm - 5:30 pm

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Level: Open

This class is a safe space for Black and Indigenous folks and People of Colour.

There are worlds we create and dismantle in our minds day after day- informed by the lullabies we heard, the cultural stories we were told, the models of narratives we consumed through our growing years and continue to, and the inner worlds we are moulding in the confines of our rooms and in our own minds.

In his book After Dark, Haruki Murakami writes (translated): “Between the time the last train leaves and the first train arrives, the place changes: it’s not the same as in daytime.”

There is a strangeness to the stories we make up in our memories and they don’t have the neat narrative structure of beginning, middle, and the end. This workshop will tease out these achronological, seemingly strange stories of our minds and characters that live in us. This class will help you break the shackles of one-directional meaning making to a small degree in a held space and let the strangeness in you emerge. We will use literary storytelling styles and mythical archetypes to play scenes and create initiations. You will have two and a half hours of remembering the games you played as a child and the freedom in them.

Nursery/Maydays Sunday Classes

We work hard to provide a welcoming environment for all improvisers. In order to give space to different experiences and identities, the Nursery and the Maydays have worked to provide opportunities for specific groups to meet, connect, and improvise with one another. Each workshop will cover different topics depending on the instructor. Sometimes sessions will be aimed at particular skills, issues and questions, and other times they will simply be a place for people to come together and play.

The Nursery and the Maydays are constantly working to create programming based on the needs of our current students and the global improv community. If there is an underrepresented group that you would like to see have a workshop, send an email to classes@thenurseryimprovtheatre.com

Min. participants 6, max. 12. 

This open workshop runs Sunday 21st March 3 – 5.30 pm GMT.

Open – A class for anyone, regardless of their improv experience. Although more experienced players are of course welcome, the content does not require any prior improv knowledge.

Whatever the level of ability required, all of our classes are safe, supportive environments led by our experienced teachers. Please email us if you are unsure whether a class is suitable for you. If you sign up for a class inappropriate to your level the Nursery/Maydays reserved the right to remove you from the class without refund. 


(Sunday) 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Laxmi is a Playback Theatre performer and has been improvising for a decade in and around Bangalore, India. She performs with The Adamant Eves (India’s first all-female improv company) and is a co-founder of Citylamps Playback Theatre.

A graduate of Interdisciplinary humanities from the Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities, she has facilitated spontaneous theatre-based processes and training since 2014. Her training modules focus on the theatre-based answers for making a work environment more suitable to work and play and for encouraging creativity and critical thinking in young learners.

Additionally, she is currently working on tools to recognise and maintain various manners of tension in an improv scene. Her teachings are heavily inspired by her experience in Playback theatre, critical thinking and improvisational theatre.

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