Improvising Gender

Stephen Davidson

Do you feel awkward playing genders different from your own? Just want to make sure youre doing it well? Come along to this workshop and push your boundaries. Well look at character traits from all over the gender spectrum, and have a chance to try some characters that are off the beaten path (and possibly outside your comfort zone!). Be vulnerable, be brave, try something new. Instructor Stephen Davidson is transgender, and has improvised as both a woman and a man. Ask him anything. He’ll talk about both gender and improv at length! Take a chance to add some unique new character tools to your tool belt in this eye-opening skills-based workshop.


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About Stephen

Stephen is the artistic director of Improvable, of QI: Queer Improv, of Carmen: A Gender swapped film noir fantasy, and co-director of Zeal: The Pride Improv Festival. He also performs with The Happiest People in the World and the Verbs. Stephen performs and teaches all around the world. More info at Impromiscuous