Improvised Play – Audition

A weeklong intensive rehearsal process and four shows exploring improvised one and two-act plays, inspired by the work of Pgraph and the Hideout theatre. We’ll work to develop a common language of theatricality within an ensemble by reading/watching a handful of plays and improvising in the styles of the playwrights, keeping elements that bring us joy and discarding those that don’t. With a focus on grounded scenework and holding a narrative structure lightly, we’ll develop an ensemble performance that’s engaging and dynamic.

Auditions and casting are in December, and we’ll spend some time over the holidays reading and watching an agreed-upon list of plays. We’ll then take the first full week of January to collaboratively digest the styles, as well as develop a group dynamic. By the end of the week we’ll have a common language with which to improvise a play, with no particular aim to be funny. It’ll look similar to a written play in execution, with well-developed characters, emotional stakes, a gentle narrative structure, and confident staging and object-work. A short series of performances will help to bed-in the style and work out kinks, and hopefully an enduring ensemble will form. I’m looking for improvisers and actors with at least 2-3 years of experience.

Directed by Stephen Davidson. Questions? Pop an email over to


Saturday 15th December 10am-6pm
Monday 17th December 7-10pm


You will need to attend all or very nearly all of these rehearsals in order to be in the show.


Monday 7th January 10am-6pm
Tuesday 8th January 10am-6pm
Wednesday 9th January 10am-6pm
Thursday 10th January 10am-6pm
Friday 11th January 10am-6pm
Saturday 12th January 10am-6pm

Performances at The Nursery Theatre Broadgate

Wednesday 9th January 7-10pm
Thursday 10th January 7-10pm
Friday 11th January 7-10pm
Saturday 12th January 7-10pm