Happy in their Own Way: an improv show about families – Audition

Families are weird. They are cruel, crazy, loving, often inspiring and sometimes just downright awful. They are the people we turn to in a time of crisis, and the people who cause those very crises. No matter how hard you try, you can never escape them. But then, would you want to?

The second-to-last Nursery Original at the Nursery Theatre, Broadgate, ‘Happy in their Own Way’ will be a combination of audience and cast stories, improvised scenes and maybe just a little smidgen of amateur psychology. If you like your improv emotional and strange, and your humour almost too close to the bone, come audition for us. Help us find out if all happy families really are alike.

The Nursery is looking for experienced improvisers or actors with improv experience. We are looking to cast people from a variety of backgrounds and will audition all qualified applicants. There will be a £300 expenses fee for this show. This show is directed by Jules Munns, Artistic Director of the Nursery Theatre, member of the Maydays and Ten Thousand Million Love Stories, director of Impromptu Shakespeare and Magicked! the improvised Harry Potter show. If you have any questions or wish to apply, email jules@thenurserytheatre.com.

You will need to be able to attend all the rehearsals and performances in order to be in the show. Audition slots will be allocated in the new year. 

Performances (at The Nursery Theatre Broadgate)
February 8th and 15th, March 1st, 8th, and 29th

Rehearsals (At the Nursery Training Centre, London Bridge)
Friday 1st Feb 10.30am-5.30pm
Monday to Friday 4th-8th Feb, 10.30-5.30pm
Friday 1st March and Friday 29th March 3-6pm.

Auditions (At the Nursery Training Centre, London Bridge)
Sunday 13th January, slots from 2-6pm
Tuesday 15th January, slots from 6-10pm