Slapdash Workshop: Gender Bender

Get ready to take a journey into the world of the gender personas. With an emphasis on finding real instead of our typical improv stereotypes we will break free of the binds they create. This workshop will hone your skills through exercises and play to develop your skills playing other identifying genders as well as gain a better understanding of your own gender. Draw strong, meaningful connections to take your scene and life work to the next level.

Betse Green
Betse Green has been a very active member of the Portland Improv scene since 2002. She is an ensemble member of ComedySportz Portland and The Brody Theater. She also performs regularly with Peachy Chicken, B&B, and Gladys Kravitz. Her talents have been showcased at festivals across the United States and Canada, including the Chicago Improv Festival, Phoenix Improv Festival, Stumptown Improv Festival, IFCincy, DCM, Seattle Festival of Improv Theater, and the Hartford Improv Festival. Betse teaches improv classes at ComedySportz, Curious Comedy Theater and The Brody Theater. In her spare time she is the co-owner and Education Director for ComedySportz Boston.

7-10pm, Deli Studios, Liverpool Street, £25

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