Nursery Mainstage and Student Ensemble Audition

The Nursery Ensembles are groups rehearsing in the Nursery ethos of player empowerment, emotional connection and freeform silliness. We are looking to expand the Nursery family to include a load of new players. Both ensembles will be directed by Artistic Director Jules Munns.

Mainstage Ensemble
Ideal for those with a few years of improv experience, looking to expand and bed in their skills, the Mainstage ensemble will play every Saturday night at the Nursery in March. A unique opportunity to play regularly for three months, building ensemble and creating a show that brings out the best in all of the players and delights the audience. Some of the Mainstage Ensemble will be pre-cast and some will be cast by audition. These will run in parallel with Nursery Originals and all efforts will be made to make sure that players can play in both as much as possible.

Rehearsals: Wednesdays 16th, 23rd and 30th of January 7-10pm, Saturdays 16th, 23rd of February, and 2nd of March 12pm-5pm.
Performances: Saturdays at 8pm (call time 7pm) from 2nd March.

Student Ensemble
A pathway towards the mainstage ensemble and a grounding in the techniques and skills necessary to play in Nursery Original shows, the Nursery Student Ensemble will rehearse every Thursday from January 10th to 28th March, culminating in a run of four performances at the Nursery Theatre on Saturdays in March. This combination of rehearsal and performance will allow players to investigate their tastes and grow as performers. The Student Ensemble will be subject to a coaching fee of £200 payable in two installments at the start and the end of the season. Financial help is available through the Jason Chin Scholarship if this is prohibitive.

Rehearsals: Thursdays 10th January to 28th March 7-10pm
Performances: Saturdays 9th – 30th March, call time 7pm

First round ensemble auditions will be held on the 16th of December with 90min slots from 11am to 5.30pm. Offers will be made in the couple of days after. To take part, please email a summary of your experience to

Spring 2019
We plan to make the Nursery Ensembles a regular part of the programming, with players graduating from Student to Mainstage Ensemble and Nursery Originals (subject to audition). However, until we are running the programme, we do not know what will be possible and membership of the Student Ensemble should not be taken as a guarantee of this.

Both of the above ensembles are significant commitments and we expect them to be treated as such. Though we understand that players are unlikely to be able to commit to all shows in a season, we ask that players are available for the large majority of them.

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