Being Dynamic: Discovery before Invention – with Dan O’Connor

Improvisers get in their own way by thinking and planning what is to come rather than using the inventory of the moment. This class embraces the notion that dynamic improvisation is mindfulness – how we let go and get out of the way can lead to our best work.

This workshop will work on:
Emotion before action
The space between dialog ( i.e Acting is not words)
Staying in the moment and discovering what is there without engaging your inner editor.
Taking your time while keeping the scene dynamic.
What is a narrative beat and how to learn to move from one to the next?

The audiences measure of attention is directly related to your commitment.  We will work on how to dig deeper in the moment and create more defined characters, which in turn create better relationships, which evolves into better scenes and better stories.

Dan O’Connor
Dan O’Connor is the producing artistic director of Impro Theatre. Impro Theatre creates full-length unscripted plays with sets and costumes in the style of some of the worlds best authors at some of LAs best theatres. Last year they performed at Garry Marshalls Falcon Theatre, The John Anson Ford Amphitheatre and the Wallis Annenberg Performing Arts Centre. Impro Theatre just finished a ten month residency at the Broad Stage in Santa Monica performing 10 different unscripted productions. They have a school and an ongoing studio performing space in Los Feliz with classes, workshops and shows year round.

Dan’s television directing credits include the critically acclaimed ABC hybrid sitcom Sons and Daughters and Campus Ladies for the Oxygen Network.

Dan also teaches and consults for Disney and Dreamworks Animation and Cirque. He also wrote the book ‘Life UnScripted’ with noted psychiatrist Dr. Jeff Katzman, about using improv to live a happier more fulfilling life.

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This workshop takes place on Saturday 16th March from 10.30am-5pm, and costs £60 (£50 Early Bird)

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