Behind the Scenes – Auditions

The Nursery is staging a diptych and we’d love for you to be a part of it! What’s a diptych? It’s a fancy word for two shows that interact and inform one another.

Running in December as part of the Nursery’s ‘Originals’ programme, Behind the Scenes depicts the chaotic backstage drama during the production of a 1970’s sci-fi radio series. That series will itself be performed, improvised and recorded to be later released online as one of these shiny, new-fangled ‘podcasts’. Neat huh?

It’s 30 Rock meets Hitchhiker’s Guide.

Noises Off meets Red Dwarf.

…errr…..Shakespeare in Love meets….I dunno….Star Wars? Star Trek? You get the idea.

If any of that sounds interesting to you, consider applying for a role using the form below!

Auditions are running September 15th 2-5 pm or September 18th 7-10pm at the Nursery Training Centre, London Bridge.  Two options: Saturday daytime or a Tuesday evening.

Deadline for applications: Midnight on Sunday the 9th of September.

Before applying please consult the rehearsal and show dates below. You will need to attend all or very nearly all rehearsals in order to be in the show:

Applications Closed!

Frequent Asked Questions

Two shows?

Yep. Two shows. One show is entirely improvised and the other… partially so. The first show will be an improvised theatre stage show, the second will take the form of an online radio play and will be improvised separately, drawing from the events depicted in the first show. It might even be devised, or (whisper it) entirely scripted… but we’d like to keep it as improvised as possible.

How do the shows relate?

The stage show deals with the ‘behind the scenes’ events at a studio during production of a radio play. The second show IS that radio play it self. ‘Actors’ that portray characters in the radio play, can appear in the first play… although we’re also happy for improvisers to assume the role of any staff member at the studio. Think of the stage show as the ‘get’ of the second show… the monologue, or the word that serves to inspire and generate the material.  

How do you avoid the first show just being ‘about’ working out the second? That sounds a bit prescriptive.

This is something we’re keen to avoid. Just as with drawing inspiration from any ‘get’ the trick is knowing when to over or under-subscribe to the original offering. The stage show will inspire the radio play show. The tropes and ideas thrown up during the stage show will be incorporated into the radio play. Kind of like an elaborate game of ‘genre cauldron’ if you’ve ever come across that. We last thing we want is to have improvisers ‘writing’ a set of sketches on stage.

This all sounds a bit…er…ambitious. Can I just do the first show?

Absolutely. The important thing to remember is that the stage show is entirely improvised and independent of the radio play. Someone could be cast and perform in the stage show without the slightest participation or interest in the radio play. You could however lend your voice to the radio play as well if you wish (details to be released soon).

Why do you describe it as two shows then?

It’s just something we’re experimenting with. It’s in the spirit of a diptych, which is to say an audience can enjoy either show without requiring an awareness of the other. However, one can – and indeed, we’d heartily recommend that one do – experience both. Doing so provides a unique ‘third’ perspective.  Sort of like these interconnected cinematic universes that are tearing up the film industry these days….except we’re not doing seventeen different shows. Just the two.

What kind of improvisors are you looking for?

The first show – the one being cast currently – takes place in a 1970’s production studio. This reality is not entirely like our own however. It’s has a heightened reality; what the cool kids call a ‘magical realism’. A farcical nature, ever so slightly over-expressed characters, fantastical yet simultaneously unremarked-upon. Indeed, this is why we refer so often to 30 Rock as a good example; not just for it’s similar framing device – a production environment – but because of the increasingly ever-so-slightly cartoonish reality it took place in as the series moved on.

Two shows? Radio play/animation whowut? This all sounds too ambitious. I have a (insert relation here) who tried to do something with sound/video stuff….and it was just a stressful nightmare. And now they’re unemployed!

Oh sure; this stuff is hard and expensive. But that’s the beauty of having the two shows. If in doubt, just remember that – if you want it to be – Behind the Scenes begins and ends  in December, improvised and on stage. Concurrently however, we have staff attached to develop the second show…and we’ll be talking about that shortly.

Rehearsals (all 7-10pm)

22nd October 2018

25th October 2018

29th October 2018

1st November 2018

5th November 2018

8th November 2018

12th November 2018

15th November 2018

19th November 2018 (Tech)

20th November 2018 (Dress)

Performances at The Nursery Theatre Broadgate

24th November 2018

1st December 2018

8th December 2018

15th December 2018

22nd December 2018