Heads Might Roll – Audition

Things went wrong. Mistakes were made. Everyone’s pointing fingers, and the only responsible thing the government can do is to consolidate those fingers into one easily manageable fist; a fist at the end of the longest arm of the law – the ever-delayed, barely accountable (independent) inquiry. 

Join a (wholly independent) panel of improvisers as they get to the bottom of the finest cock-up you can imagine, held to account only by your intervention. And all the while, the true(ish) story of what happened will unfold. 

Part political farce, part social satire – Heads Might Roll is a jolly, carefree romp through everything that’s wrong with the modern world. 

Things went wrong. Mistakes were made. Heads Might Roll. 

But they almost certainly won’t. 

Heads Might Roll is an improvised socio-political satire, getting to the bottom of everything that’s wrong with the world today through an independent inquiry. We’re looking for improvisers and actors with an interest in:

– Satire
– Exploring cultural and societal issues and themes
– Improvisation as theatre
– Using drama to intensify comedy
– Experimenting with form
– Character-focused pieces

If you’re interested in auditioning for this show and can make it to the audition on 6th January at The Nursery Training Centre, we’d love to hear from you! Please check the schedule listed below to see if you can make most of the dates, and click the button to fill in the application form, by 8pm on Friday 5th January.




Sunday 14th January, 1-4pm
Wednesday 17th January, 8-10pm
Sunday 21st January, 1-4pm
Wednesday 24th January, 8-10pm
Sunday 28th January, 1-4pm
Wednesday 31st January, 8-10pm
Sunday 4th February, 1-4pm
Wednesday 7th February, 8-10pm
Sunday 11th February, 1-4pm

Monday 12th February, 7-10pm

Wednesday 14th February, 7-10pm

Performances at The Nursery Theatre Broadgate 
Saturday 17th February
Saturday 24th February
Friday 2nd March
Saturday 10th March
Friday 16th March

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