Slapdash Workshop: Anime Improv

Anime is Japanese animation with dynamic visual style but how can you translate that format to the improv stage? The players of On The Spot Improv are fans of the Genre and have been trained in classical Japanese theatre of Kabuki which they use to bring anime to life on stage. On the spot Improv will teach people the classical forms of kabuki theatre merged with western improv theatre. The outcome will introduce Japan’s and Hawaii’s ethnic culture as well as the popular nerdy culture of cosplay and manga. This workshop is fun and thrilling and will blow you away.

On the Spot
On The Spot Improv is Hawaii’s longest running improv group. Established 2001, On the Spot from Honolu, Hawaii, and have been entertaining audiences all across the country with their unique brand of improvised theater. The group has been called one of the most innovative improv groups in the world by Chicago Improv Festival Executive Producer Jonathan Pitts for their unique approach to improvised theatre. Their signature style incorporates narrative storytelling, minimal dialog, and strong blocking to create cinematic images to tell complex stories.

OTS made a name for themselves in the national improv community creating several original genre-esque formats, including but not limited to their improvised macabre show “Tell Tale Dreadful,” their improvised homage to the master of suspense “Hitchcock,” their playful 1920’s live action silent movie show “HUSH”, a fully improvised Kabuki style show “Screwbuki”. They have performed all over the country in places such as the Austin Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, Phoenix Improv Festival, Chicago Improv Festival, and the Seattle Festival of Improv Theater.​

2-5pm, Nursery Training Centre, London Bridge, £30

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