The Laser Comedy Show/James and I/T-Minus/Swipe Right

The Nursery presents a night of improvised theatre – completely made up on the spot! Every show features a selection of talented improvisers from across the UK and beyond bringing you some of the most exciting unscripted theatre around. Watch them create everything from short scenes to an entire musical live on stage in front of your eyes!

Tonight’s show features…

The Laser Comedy Show – A live improvised comic book created using laser reactive technology drawn and voice acted by performance artist Chris Fair. The Laser Comedy Show has been performed all over the United States, in Canada and is now in Europe for the first time.
Chris has been doing comedy for over 13 years, from stand up to improv and sketch and for the last 6 plus years; he’s been working on his own comedy form using laser reactive technology.


James and I – James Haskin and James Whittaker are both called James. And they make improvised theatre together. Gentle, wry and funny, the Jameses are just two average guys… until something happens.

T-Minus is all about adding the unexpected to an improv show. More so than usual, anyway. They improvise long-form stories, but with a twist…

They set a timer to count down during their set. When the timer runs down and the alarm sounds, an event of the audience’s choosing HAS to happen in the story. It could be an earth-shattering earthquake. It could be an intimate personal revelation. It’s up to the audience, and the cast won’t even know when the alarm will go off!

Whatever the chosen event is, T-Minus incorporate it in to a compelling story. It may make you laugh, it may make you cry; it will be a story to remember.

Swipe Right – A show-size, long-form improv team who perform scenes based on monologues, songs, and other things, too…

8pm, The Nursery Theatre Broadgate, Liverpool Street, £5

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