The Carousel feat. Gibberish Allsorts/Nerd Salad/Improbotics Ltd/The Verbs


What is #NurseryCarousel?

Every Sunday we host three rotating resident acts and a short audience jam.

How do I get involved?

Each team applies to perform for four weeks in a row, and as part of their residency and as each team finishes their run, one team starts, like a relay race held on a giant fairground Carousel!

Learn more and apply for a month-long slot here

This week’s acts are:

Gibberish Allsorts – Inspired by conversations following a breakup with a former lover, Gibberish Allsorts takes the audience back and forth through the key moments of an improvised relationship. Inspired by an audience suggestion of the best place they’ve ever met a partner, the players play back a showreel to the audience of the key moments that make and break the relationship. This theatrical improv show will have you laughing at the lightness of new love, sobbing at sombre heartbreak, taking you on a journey as we discover together what happens to our star-crossed lovers.

Improbotics, Ltd –“Improv is a feat no robot could ever reproduce”. Don’t you agree? You need to participate in our experiment. Welcome to the future… At Improbotics Ltd., we build bioengineered Cyborgs. Machines who are indistinguishable from humans, but whose words and thoughts are controlled by an artificial intelligence. This is a revolutionary entertainment machine who can disappear into a crowd of human performers. We are so confident in its skills that we will not reveal its identity: instead, we will let it take a Turing test and make you guess which one of the improvisers is a Cyborg. To make the challenge more interesting, one of the human improvisers, the Puppet, will also be remotely controlled… by another human. Neither the Puppet, nor the Cyborg, will know who is human after all. Come laugh with the machine as you attempt to solve the deception!

Nerd Salad present a variety of long-form formats and experimental shows. ‘A Stitch in Time’ – a short form game provides inspiration for a time-jumping long-form scene; ‘The Pretty Flower’ – one monoscene broken up by quick asides before returning to the main action; ‘Form 2’; using a suggestion to scene-paint, we aim to end up in the location we’ve created, rather than use it as a starting point. See No Improv, Hear No Improv, Speak No Improv – improvised theatre, with one member blindfolded, one member with with headphones, and one member who can’t speak..

The Verbs are they Nursery’s house team, performing longform in the Nursery style- grounded, organic, connected. We are also a musical group, bursting into song when moved to do so. Our show is a musical Harold, with lots of scenes and songs all loosely woven together with themes and characters.


5.30pm, The Nursery Theatre Broadgate, Liverpool Street,

FREE ENTRY (PWYW at the end)