Drop-In Workshops

All our drop-ins have moved online!

A very relaxed and non-judgemental atmosphere which allowed everyone to learn from each other. Lots of fun!

Join us for an afternoon or evening of improvisation fun! We will be working on the skills at the heart of improvisation, such as listening, making offers and committing to your choices.

Each week you will…

  • Become more confident and relaxed, taking more risks and feeling more creative and liberated.
  • Learn the attitudes and ideas that make improvisation work.
  • Find these things translating into your everyday life.
  • Become more confident with people, more creative in your work and better able to respond to stress.
  • Develop a little further into improvisation, meeting new people and working with different teachers.

Every class is stand alone, so you can come along to one, or be there every week!

The drop-in is a wide ability class, so everyone is welcome!

It is ideal for people trying improvisation for the first time, or more experienced players who want to work on core skills. The atmosphere is accessible, fun and non-judgemental and you will find yourself doing things you never thought you could.

A great place to spend a fun Saturday afternoon with a great bunch of people and learn improv from some of the best teachers in the country.

Only £15 every Wednesday, 7-9:30pm and Saturday, 1-3:30pm.

Pre-book and guarantee yourself a place at drop-in as classes are limited to just 16 per drop-in. You’ll receive a loyalty card when you pre-book and your 7th drop-in will be FREE!

*Please note that the Nursery cannot refund tickets after purchase.

Please check the date and title of this event carefully as we are unable to issue any refunds except in case of cancellation.


The Nursery does not tolerate harassment of any kind, be it in our virtual or live spaces, or on our social media. People who engage in this kind of behaviour at The Nursery, or at any other organization, will not be allowed to participate in our community, in any capacity, online or in person.

For more information, please read our Code of Conduct. If you wish to report any incidents, you can send us an anonymous message here or get in touch to our team directly.

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