From artists to computer programmers, managers to lawyers, creativity will help you in any role or relationship, indeed, in any part of your life. Any problem that doesn’t have a clear, specific solution is a problem where creativity is a total must. Everyone needs to be creative and the great thing is, everyone can be.

Human beings are essentially creative. We all have the ability to solve problems in many different ways and the Nursery’s creativity workshop can help you access your inner creative and make the most if he or she! This workshop is about liberating your natural creativity in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Course content

Reducing fear of failure – The fear of failure is one of the surest ways of killing creativity. So we need to stop being so scared! In this workshop, you’ll work on ways to avoid it and create freely and quickly, alone or in a group.

Preparing to create – We’ll look at creating the right environment for a team to get creative. It can make all the difference. We’ll look at the factors that affect how creative we’re feeling and how they can differ. Then we’ll establish the best space to make ideas flow.

Building ideas collectively– An idea is not something that springs to life fully formed (we wish). Instead it needs to be nurtured and constructed. We’ll look at working with the core improvisation principle of ‘Yes, and’ to take an idea from the very first dot right through to it’s fully formed, grand self. Perfect.

This session can be offered to a new or an existing team. And it’s also good to know that the skills you learn will make a difference even if the rest of your team hasn’t taken the course. You might find the skills you’ve learned make you the glue that sticks your team together!

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