Our Communities

The Nursery is committed to broadening our equity-seeking programming and education curriculum — to offer dedicated spaces and opportunities for our affinity groups to develop as performers, teachers, and leaders in the improv community

As a member of these groups, you are welcome to engage with the affinity-specific classes and jams, community spotlights (individuals, groups, and organizations) and updates on The Nursery Theatre’s inclusion journey.

In equity circles, the term affinity group refers to social groups that form around shared interests or common goals. Improv communities are affinity groups that contain other affinity groups — people who like to watch improv shows, to learn and teach improv, to perform and play with others, to network and find relationships, and a myriad of other interests.

The more one feels a sense of belonging, the longer they stay connected to that community. The Internet has made it easier for like-minded and like-spirited people to connect.

The Nursery acknowledges that in the UK, and worldwide, some affinity groups are/were actively marginalized and excluded from exploring, developing and expressing their interest in arts and education. We want to be part of the solution, not the problem.

Over the last two years, we’ve supported the Women’s and BIPOC affinity groups, acknowledging that both groups are still-marginalized within the larger society. We’re redoubling our commitment to them, with plans to expand our support.

Expansion Model

Over time, we will expand that model to the other affinity groups already present in our community. It will take time because of limited resources — people and time.

Curious allies are equally welcome to peruse and “amplify the signal boost” for the content.

Black Diaspora Affinity Group

Women’s Affinity Group

The Community Spread (Affinity jam)

Created by Velvet Wells

On the last Saturday of the month (2-4PM UK Timezone), we invite all of our affinity groups to jam together and then separately! We will hold this space for two hours to give people at every skill level a chance to play and to connect. FREE jam. Sign up now!

Bursaries & Student Support

In line with our mission to bring improv as an art form to as many different affinity groups around the world, we are committed to making our training more accessible. Learn more about our partial and full bursaries, as well as partnerships and opportunities tailored for specific affinity groups.

The Spotlight Series

Created by Velvet Wells

In Autumn 2021, we launched the Spotlight Series wherein we invite an improv ensemble to become “residents” for a month, with a weekly showcase. This is accompanied by an improv duo pop-up show, with a new duet every week!

Streamed on The Nursery’s Twitch channel. Learn more and check out the shows below.

The Nursery Online Improv Jam (global)

Running for over 60 weeks! Created by Jon Nguyen and Jonah Fazel

Every Tuesday (6pm UK Timezone) you can meet and play with people at every skill level, from every affinity group, from the global improv community. FREE jam.

The Nursery Garden Party

Running for four seasons straight! Curated by Jon Nguyen and Jonah Fazel.

Every Sunday (usually 2pm UK timezone) we invite two global improv teams to the (virtual) Nursery headquarters for an hour of good ol’ online improv! Open to teams, shows and troupes from all over the world. Learn more and submit your show application today.

Facebook Group: Nursery Community

Get the latest updates on our workshops, performances and other initiatives by joining our Facebook group for our community members. From improv memes and GIF threads to a space for you to shout out about the cool stuff you’re doing, there’s something for everyone!