Communication is heavily inflected by status and this is the lens through which we teach it. Everyone’s behaviour is influenced by where they stand in a chain of command, and most people behave as a particular status around colleagues.

However this can lead to breakdowns of communication when low-status players are not heard, or high-status players appear not to listen to others. The Nursery  Communication Skills Course teaches powerful and effective communication among all members of a team through flexible status behaviour, creating a freer flow of ideas and greater productivity.


Course content

• Learned the behaviour and body language that convey status – through group exercises you will spot when someone is ‘playing’ high or low status, and practise how to convey different status in different situations.

• Mastered how to influence people one-on-one using different status – how do you get an idea across effectively to your boss? To a subordinate? To someone at the same level as you? You will learn how to use tools of body language and behaviour to convey ideas effectively without hierarchy getting in the way, and influence those around you by playing the right status role at the right time.

• Developed techniques of negotiating status in larger groups – you will learn how to use status flexibility in bigger group situations, particularly team discussions and problem-solving sessions. You will practise techniques of body language, tone of voice and listening to achieve effective, inclusive communication in a group setting.

• Grasped listening and responsive skills that allow you to be flexible in your status – the key to effective communication is using the right status at the right time in relation to others, one-on-one or in a group. You will have techniques at your fingertips to make you an effective communicator in a wide range of professional circumstances.

This session can be offered to a new or an existing team. And it’s also good to know that the skills you learn will make a difference even if the rest of your team hasn’t taken the course.

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