Code of Conduct

The Nursery Theatre strives to create a warm and welcoming environment for all. Our Code of Conduct applies to students, teachers, performers, volunteers, and all other Nursery personnel.

  • Communicate and respect boundaries on and off stage, bearing in mind that they are different for everyone.
  • Keep any physical contact safe and socially appropriate.
  • Speak up if something makes you uncomfortable, or if you notice another participant may be uncomfortable
  • Listen with an open mind if somebody else speaks up
  • Play to the top of your intelligence and integrity
  • Assume good will; people are hardly ever aiming to be offensive.
  • In improv, you can be anyone and anything you want to be. Make sure everyone else can too.

If you have any questions or complaints or have been made to feel unsafe while in a Nursery building or at a Nursery event, you can discuss this with any member of staff, or use our feedback box, or let us know online.

You can also email one of our directors:

Jules on
Judith on

or one of our trustees:

Emma on
Rob King on