The Nursery Panel: Improv in Everyday Life

The Nursery presents
Date: Friday, 27th Feb 2020
Time: 6PM GMTStreamed Live on our Facebook Page –

If you ever ask someone “Why Improv?”, you may be surprised by the sheer diversity of responses you may get. Outside of the performance and theatre, many are applying what they are learning in the classroom to their lives in ways subtle and big.In this week’s Nursery Panel, we look such student journeys, particularly those that began learning the art form in the last one year and are applying the ‘Yes, and..’ to different contexts in their lives.


Hosted by Jonathan Nguyen, Garden Party Producer & Teacher at The Nursery Theatre, who will be in conversation with:

Bianca Fogah: Bianca started her improv journey in January 2021 and soon discovered it opened a whole new world for her. As someone who had struggled with expressing certain emotions and with indecision anxiety, it has helped her start to overcome these challenges on and off the stage. She has learned how to be more confident, embrace “failure” and open up to vulnerability.Carmen Geil: Carmen Geil is a Microfinance Banking and People Development Professional. At the age of 10 she decided to learn one language for every 5 years of her age to communicate with as many people as possible on this wonderful planet. Through travel, work abroad and simply life she found that laughter, love and the other important things in life are understood by all. Who knew language is just one way of expressing these, there are also movement, art, emotion and energy. Bankers included.Stuart Knox: Stuart loves the seat of their pants, living in the moment, belly laugh and the pure creativity quality that improv brings into their life. Based in rural Oxfordshire, online improv has connected Stuart with a really unique and vibrant international community. They believe improv is an essential skill and can be applied in their work as a teacher and as a parent.Tristen Watts: Tristen is a Toronto based improviser. They have been learning and performing improv online with companies such as The Nursery, Bad Dog theatre company, Improv college and Hoopla. They believe that improv lets one release excess

energy, listen more, be present and look for connection in your day to day interactions.

As part of our ongoing efforts to engage the global improvisation community, we host a panel discussion every week on different topics that intrigue students, performers, teachers and institutions alike, especially those centered on new challenges and reckonings that we face in 2021.
You can see recordings of our previous panels here –

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