RESTRUCTURING THE NURSERY, PART 6; hiring an outreach & inclusion manager

RESTRUCTURING THE NURSERY, PART 6; hiring an outreach & inclusion manager

Hi everyone, it’s time for another update on the restructure of The Nursery. 

I know how much we all look forward to new episodes. For anyone not caught up, why not binge the whole thing?

For those of you I’ve not met or worked with- I’m Jonah, i’m one of the teachers who work for the Nursery and for the past half a year I’ve been working with Judith (our CEO) and a few others on completely overhauling how the Nursery Theatre works, not only helping us to survive through the pandemic but trying to modernise and future proof the organisation. This blog marks the latest development in that effort. Let me get right to the point, I am beyond pleased to announce that…

The Nursery is now hiring a permanent Outreach and Inclusion Manager. 

Head to this link for more details

This role is the first of its kind across Europe in an improv company! And as the title suggests, they won’t just be working within The Nursery on our own various efforts into inclusion but also partnering with many multiple organisations across the globe and our hope is that their work will help push the entire community forward. The Nursery as you probably know is a non-profit/charity. As such, we have a duty to be part of positive change within the arts, something we have always taken pride in doing, but with this role we are taking this work to the next step. 

This person will sit at senior management level to oversee all of our many outreach efforts, and to bring new thinking into all areas of our organisation. They will ensure our company is one that represents fairness in everything we do and proactively seeks to bring the joys of improvisation to more people who might not have experienced it before.

I want to share something else with you, this job posting also represents a huge milestone in my own personal journey with the Nursery. for the 8+ years I’ve worked alongside the Nursery i’ve always strived to try to help them build it into a modern, relevant theatre company at the heart of positive change in the UK and now thanks to our online community, a global audience. I honestly think we are nearly there. That I’m able to have had a part in writing this role and putting it out in the world feels to me also like the culmination of a different kind of personal journey. As a person of mixed race and heritage and with lower working class roots, it won’t surprise you to hear that I was continually told that the arts was not a place for people like me growing up. If it wasn’t for things like hardship grants, outreach projects and some well meaning strangers, I never would have trained to become an actor, discovered improv and have my life changed by the inherent principles of generosity, self-belief and acceptance that it teaches. Thanks to the efforts of outreach work i’m now able to share improv with many people from all sorts of backgrounds and with luck, the person filling this role with share it with the world. 

Nice chatting with you,



Jonah Fazel

Creative Producer & Teacher

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