The Nursery Podcast #18 – Slapdash Special: Alex Berg

The Nursery Podcast #18 – Slapdash Special: Alex Berg

In the second of this year’s Slapdash Specials, we caught up with Alex Berg to talk about negative experience, his military history of Game of Thrones and why he has problems with the word ‘art’.

Alex spends the bulk of his waking hours writing, acting, and improvising. Currently, he performs with UCB house teams Sentimental Lady and Convoy, as well as guesting with other shows. Occasionally, he shows up on television, in shows like Terriers, Reno! 911, and MANswers. Recently, he played a naked old lady in Hell Baby (Sundance 2013) and a post apocalyptic hipster in Best Friends Forever (Slamdance 2013). Beyond all that, he’s a huge science nerd.

(Picture credit: Mariana Feijó Fernandes)

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