The Nursery/Maydays Online Improv Class FAQ

The Nursery/Maydays Online Improv Class FAQ

In these strange times, and with the current government advice against unnecessary social contact, the Nursery and the Maydays will be working together to experiment with online drop ins. We recognise that the global situation is grave and unprecedented and we believe the community and interaction that improv provides can be very valuable. We know it is not much, but we are determined to provide what we can with what we have. 

What platform are you using?

The Nursery and the Maydays will be using a platform called Zoom, which is very stable and has some useful features for improv classes. These include direct messaging, break out rooms and a gallery view so you can see everyone at once. You will be sent a link to click on about an hour before the class starts, then all you have to do is follow the on screen instructions. 

How will the classes be different?

There are of course, some things which are harder to do in the online space, but there are also many things that we have discovered work really well, and we are sure we will find more as we experiment. In order to provide the best experience, we will be limiting spaces to twelve to start with. We understand that people may be feeling anxious and isolated, we will be being careful about the nature of the scenes we play. We are looking to provide much needed social contact as well as improv training. 

Is this just for drop in sessions?

For the moment yes. We want to understand better how this could work, but if the situation goes on for a long time, we may look at longer courses or classes at different times. Do tell us your thoughts on that on the email address below. 

Is it just for UK participants?

Classes will be conducted in English, but we are open to sign ups from anywhere. If we receive requests for classes at other times, we will provide them if we can.

What do I need to do before the session?

When you click on the link, your computer should do the rest for you. We highly recommend that you use a laptop rather than a tablet and please be in a private room where you will not be disturbed and make sure that your device is well charged. That’s it!

What about the money?

Classes will be operating at the slightly lower cost of £10 for a two hour session to pay teachers and cover running costs. If you can help the Nursery by backing us on Patreon or the Maydays Gofundme, we would appreciate it, but we know times are tough for everyone. 

What if I can’t afford to pay?

This is, of course, an income stream for the company and our teachers while this situation plays out, but we also know that lots of people are financially affected by the current situation. The Nursery never wants financial hardship to prevent people from being able to improvise, so if you have difficulty paying for classes, email us on

What internet speed do I need to take part?

Zoom’s minimum bandwidth is 600kbps (up/down) and recommended is 1.5 Mbps (up/down). You can use this speed testing tool or by Googling ‘speed test’ and clicking ‘go’.

What if my connection drops or I have other technological difficulties?

This will no doubt sometimes happen. If it does and we are unable to sort it out in time, we will either refund you or roll your place over to a new class.

What if I need to tell you something?

Zoom has a facility for private messaging, so you can always message the teacher during the call, and if you have anything to suggest, or any feedback of any kind afterwards, you can email either or

If you’d like fully online, multiple week courses, fill out this form and let us know!

To book and read more info about our online classes Click Here

We also have some fun tips to help you get the most out of these online classes!

Jules Munns

Jules is the one of the founders of the Nursery Theatre. Jules is also the director of Impromptu Shakespeare and a member of the Maydays, as well as one half of Ten Thousand Million Love Stories.

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