So what’s new for the autumn season?

So what’s new for the autumn season?

OK, so we opened a theatre. We did something like a gazillion shows and even more people watched them. So what’s next? After (and during) the summer season, we had a good think about what we can do better. And while most reasonable improvisers are flyering in the rain in Edinburgh, we set about improving things.

Here are five new things that you can expect from the Nursery this autumn:

1) The return of Nursery Originals

Nursery Originals started out at the Edric Theatre, inspired by the mainstage shows  at the Hideout Theatre in Austin, Texas. The idea is simple. Short runs of shows with clear concepts, produced and directed like theatre shows, and then we make something new. This allows performers and directors to experiment without committing to anything long term. You can read about the shows we are putting on right here, but safe to say they are very interesting and different from each other, and from other things in our programming!

2) Auditions. As many as we can.

We have had them before, and we have always promised that they would come back when we were putting on more shows, and now we have a whole page on the website dedicated to them! We are committed to an open casting process for all of our shows and with three coming up in just the next month or so, we’re delivering on that promise!

3) New drinks. Different ones all the time

Now we know our bar is cute as hell. and we know you love leaning on it, but wouldn’t it be lovely if it there were just a little more variety there? From the start of the autumns season, we will finally be serving spirits and mixers, and we will have special guest beers and soft drinks, changing month on month. (Don’t worry, we’ll still have the trusty red and blue cans that everybody loves so much.)

4) Games in the bar

After the improv is over, what is there to do at the bar. I mean, you could talk to each other, but that’s very complicated, and who knows what to say? Luckily we have you back with a handy supply of games and toys to mess around with after the show finishes. We have a few in mind, but suggestions to are very welcome.

5) Classes for both teenagers and newer improvisers

Historically, the Nursery has not run many classes directed at either of these groups. But now that we are producing our own shows (and quite a few of them), we are increasing the number of classes aimed at making performers for them, both immediately and further in the future.

These are just the highlights; there are a host of other smaller improvements as well (if you’re a performer, check out our new dressing room!), and if there’s something that you’ve spotted that we have missed, drop us a line on our feedback form and tell us how we could do better! We are always looking for ways to improve.

Our shows are all here on our revamped show page, and our classes and jams are here, with LITTL (improv for teenagers) here.

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