Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes in how we programme shows.

Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes in how we programme shows.

Hey, you… The Rocksteady crew!

We’re always looking for ways to respond to what the scene needs, and how we can best cater to all the fantastic new players, teams and exciting ideas, So we’re evolving the way you can apply to perform with us, Check it out. There are now three, count ’em that’s THREE methods of bringing your show or idea to The Nursery Theatre.

You likely already know about The Nursery Originals; Where every season we present a number of exciting new productions, developed by improvisers from across the community with support from The Nursery. But did you know that for next season The Carousel and TNL have been visited by Molly Ringwauld from The Breakfast Club and been given a bodacious makeover, just check out the totally tubular new retro graphics for both!

We’ve also had a tinker under the bonnet too, so from now on Sunday afternoon’s ‘The Carousel’ will host three acts (20 mins each) on a rotating residency where each team gets a 4 week back-to-back performance slot. The Carousel is ideal for established teams trying something new, but particularly great for brand new groups in need of stage time to cut their teeth. Additionally, there will now be an audience jam on Sundays as well, perfect for weekend warriors.

On Thursday’s we host ‘TNL’, which sees our patented trio of jams, alongside one or two visiting groups (20 for groups, 10 for double acts). And we’re take a leaf out of The Carousel and hosting one resident team for 4 weeks back-to-back (25 minute slot) giving acts a vehicle to really hone their craft. Visiting acts will also co-host the night alongside The Nursery Staffers, giving valuable experience in fronting shows, plus the fiendish pleasure of co-devising the patented concept jams!

Best of all we’ve reduced the turnaround for applications as well. We now have an ongoing and rolling application process, and programme acts just in 4 weeks in advance, so now- if we’re full up on a night you want to bring your show, there’s no need to have a cow man it’s super simple to roll your application over to the next block

Applications to performs with us on Thursday or Sunday are open now for the next season (late April onwards).

With all of these options alongside our regualar weekend ‘mainstage’ shows, we”re trying more than ever to offer something for everyone no matter what stage of thier improv journey they are at and make the route simpler to access. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us this season, apply now or pity the fool!

I leave you a short clip with my all-time favorite terrible 80’s movie. Top That…

Jonah Fazel – Creative Producer, TNL & Carousel

The Nursery

The Nursery has been supporting improvisation and the arts for over ten years!

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