Call for submissions – 5ideaS

Call for submissions – 5ideaS

5ideas is a monthly night for directors, writers, actors and dramaturges to explore:

* Ideas which aim towards a performance within a theatrical context.

* Ideas with their own set of rules, which help reveal something new at the heart of them.

* Ideas which may investigate the relationship between the performer and the audience.

* Ideas where academic frameworks are trumped by emotional logic.

What is most important to us is your personal investment in the idea.

From the submissions we receive, we will select people for an informal interview. We will offer performance spaces on the basis of these interviews. The number of people invited will, in both cases, depend on the work that we feel most fits with the concept as described above.

In consultation with you, we will offer up to three rehearsal days at the Nursery. The space has basic sound and lighting facilities, which we will show you how to use. During this process, we expect you to document your work either in text, audio or video form. This material will be published on the Nursery website. During the process we will host a meeting with the other artists.

On the night you will be given a slot of between ten and twenty minutes, which will be determined in communication with you beforehand. After the show, there will be an informal feedback session with the audience and the 5ideas team. We will work with you a couple of days before to make sure this a useful process for you.

After the night, there may be further opportunities to develop the work with the Nursery. This may include further rehearsal and performance space and even a spot at The Nursery Festival. Again, these decisions will be made not on quotas, but on the work that inspires us.

* Submission date: By 5pm on 24thth January

* Interviews dates: Week of the 27th January

* Rehearsal dates: Subject to discussion during February.

* Showing: 27th February

If you are interested in instigating a new idea, please fill in this form.

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