Working together and working apart

Working together and working apart

Hello folks. Here is a joint statement from the Nursery and C3Something. Have a read and mail us on or or hit us up on all of our respective social media channels!

From the Nursery: London is exploding with diversity and quality in improvisation. With Harolds and Armandos, freeform, musical, duos, game and organic, comedy and theatre, lectures and news shows, the community has never been stronger. Neither has the quality of the artform been higher or the forms more diverse. Sure, we may be a way behind Chicago and New York, but it is breathtaking to look at how far we have come in the last few years.
As part of this, more organisations are offering a wider and clearer selection of shows and classes and working to bring new people into the community. It is a time of plenty and optimism and we at the Nursery are proud to play our part in that.
It is important during this time of abundance that we are clear and defined in what we are offering. As a result of this, the Nursery and C3Something have decided that our drop-in classes will no longer be offered as a collaboration and that the Nursery will this year run Slapdash International alone. We are doing this in order that the stylistic differences are preserved and our different organisations can be clear in what they are offering to improvisers old and new. As both organisations grow, we believe it essential to have clear definition of who is doing what, where and when.
Over the last couple of years, the Nursery has gone through some difficult times, financially and organisationally, and we are very aware that Slapdash would not have happened without the diligence, hard work and dedication of C3Something. We will always be grateful for that.
C3Something classes will continue to take place at the Nursery Training Centre.
Shem, Carleen, Mariana and Keith (and all the other folks that support them) do huge amounts to promote and improve the London improvisation community. They teach classes, put on jams, bring over international teachers, talk about, write about and just plain live improv. People like them are the reason the community is in such a good place.

From C3Something: Wow! You’ve made it this far into an press release about improv theatre admin. Congratulations!
Oh, hey, champ, stop crying. Who’s my big improviser? You are! Yes you are. Sure C3? and The Nursery Theatre will be living separately now but, know this, we still love improv and we still love you!
C3? will still hold our excellent Drop-In Classes every Tuesday at the NTC, and are starting a new Advanced Drop-In every Wednesday in King’s Cross, so we can keep bringing “some of the best, most unique and refreshing improv classes in the city” to you. That’s our quote, by the way, but we’re big fans of bold moves.
We’re doubling down on our commitment to diversity in improv in London, with free diversity classes and jams, plus our ‘Diversity in Improv’ Facebook group, and generally remaining the wokest organisation on the scene.
We have our flagship C3? show and jam every Sunday at the Horse & Stables but have also expanded to all sorts of fun, late night sets. Have an idea? Come at us. We have five house teams that we’re very proud of and are always looking for new ways to grow and develop the scene. There’s a reason Chris Mead called us the hardest working team on the London improv scene.
As ever, we are constantly scouring for more world class improv and sketch teachers and performers to bring your way. It’s what you deserve. Look out for Anthony Apruzzese from UCB NYC in May, Josh Covitt from UCB LA in June and Will Hines and Connor Ratliff from UCBs LA and NYC in September.
Any questions, comments or hilarious Adult Children of Divorce bits? Email,, @c3something on Twitter, tag us on Instagram @c3something or just Whatsapp us on 0787756085


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