Equity Out Loud: Reviewing and Updating our Processes

Equity Out Loud: Reviewing and Updating our Processes

Equity Out Loud series – Velvet Wells

An ongoing task (mentioned August 11) is Reviewing and Updating Our Processes. Some people are waiting for the positive outcomes from The Nursery. However, transparent communication about our process minimizes assumptions and clarifies our intentions. Our latest behind the scenes update was approached in two ways: increasing accessibility, and expanding the types of information we publicly share.

Website update

We’ve reorganized our website to remove the scattered policy pages and centralize them in one spot. We’ll remove the individual policy pages by the end of the month. The consolidated link for this is thenurserytheatre.com/policies/

Public Notion page

Following new international improv community standards, we are hosting our policies on our new public Notion page. We like Notion for its ease in collaborating and organizing content. Using a collaboration site means we can immediately share updated content.

This new public Notion page goes beyond policies. You will discover content under the following additional categories:

  • Inclusion at The Nursery Theatre
  • Education and Teaching with The Nursery Theatre
  • Communications & Marketing

To continue our theme of transparency, we’re including a changelog table to note process and policy changes.

We are open to community feedback, please share your thoughts. We also understand and expect to undertake the bulk of this work effort.

Velvet Wells, Outreach & Inclusion Manager

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